Anecdotes - Two Years of History Lessons in a Nutshell

This is a collection of the weird and wonderful, the insane and the mental, the stupid and down right (and occasionally) humourous, anecdotes and short tales of two years in a GCSE History class. Should make you chortle, may make you cringe, I don't really mind either way.


2. The Tale of a Know it all who KNOWS NOTHING

Every class has them, the student who assumes that his role is to be better than everybody else and must prove his superiority on numerous occasions just to aggitate people like me (I am easily aggitated so perhaps this is a little unjust, ah well). Ours shall be called Jeff from now on so as not to infringe his human rights (or some random rubbish like that, truth is, I like the name Jeff and its a cooler name that the actual name of the individual).


Let me descrive Jeff's appearance:

Tall (-ish) with greasy mouse blonde hair, looked like an uncool extra from Happy Days, the kind of geeky kid that gets pushed down the stairs for no apparent reason. His clothes were usually well kept unlike his bag, a ripped up pile of garbage festooned with Halo logo's.


Jeff would sit in class and shout out answer which he thought were intellectual, his gems included: Teacher to Students "WW2 finished in 1945, what happened in 1946?"

Jeff "WW2 started?"

Student "What a complete D**K".


This sums up Jeff pretty well to be honest, he still, despite being totally wrong and now being riduculed for it by both students and the teacher, kept his head up high and his nose upturned to the class.


Even more were his insults incuding:

"You smell like an out of date melon"

"My mum could play basketball better than you but thats only because she's Michael Jordan"


and the classic

"I'm better than you because I'm not poor".


Charming fellow, don't you agree?

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