Anecdotes - Two Years of History Lessons in a Nutshell

This is a collection of the weird and wonderful, the insane and the mental, the stupid and down right (and occasionally) humourous, anecdotes and short tales of two years in a GCSE History class. Should make you chortle, may make you cringe, I don't really mind either way.


3. The intellectual with no common sense

Another distinct character in our class was a young girl with the common sense of a melting cornetto. For legal reasons I have to A-Give her a name and B-Ensure that this name is not her own. So ladies and gentleman please welcome Bertha.


Bertha was very intelligent, great grades, but was prone to lots of stupid attacks.


Here are some of her amazing seeds of knowledge:

"The black death, or the great plague, happened in the 60's"

"Churchill, was he the Russian guy with the moustache?"

"I went to ancient Greece, is still there and it has a McDonalds so why is it called Ancient?"

"I wonder what would happen if the Americans dropped the atom bomb accidentally in the sea, poor fishies"


So thats Bertha, although she was a friendly girl, the teacher did feel like she was fighting an uphill battle (the hill actually being a mountain and that mountain was Everest, without a support team. Or support equipment. Or shoes. Or a map, food and tent. So that's quite a struggle).

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