Anecdotes - Two Years of History Lessons in a Nutshell

This is a collection of the weird and wonderful, the insane and the mental, the stupid and down right (and occasionally) humourous, anecdotes and short tales of two years in a GCSE History class. Should make you chortle, may make you cringe, I don't really mind either way.


1. Amusing One-Liners

This first chapter (If you can call it that) is a collection of short "one line" quips that made us all giggle in our class, enjoy...


Student to Teacher, "Misssssssssss, what's the date today?"

Teacher "Get on with your work"

Student "Please miss, whats the date?"

Teacher "Your not going to get marks for knowing the date in the history exam!"

Student "Think about that Miss, I thought history was all about dates?".


NOTE TO READER - If you found that awful then you should probably give up on this story and probably on the author too, he doesn't mind, I promise and you can believe me because I am the author ;D

Anyways, if you're still with me then heres the next one...


Student to another student, "Oi! Whats the point in doing history, it's all in the past"



Teacher to class "You all have to do great in your exams, I did well and got good grades, applied for the job and as they say, the rest is just history..."

Class " -.- "


Teachers should never do humour, mind you, I should never do humour but I'm trying my hardest here. 



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