Both sides (compotition)


1. Raped

"Your a slag, you had sex at twelve!" he said to me, joking about with his mates. Did he realise the pain I felt inside. Did he know what was going on?
"If you knew what had happened, I don't think you'd be laughing, you think i want to be pregnant? You think I wanted sex? Well think again!" I yelled at the top of my voice, noticing that I was gaining a few stares.
"Wow! Calm it, someone's in a mood!" he laughed, acting cool to his mates.
I wish he really knew what was going on, does he realise that I was raped? I can't tell him, it would not feel right, I would feel like an idiot. Although its not my fault that I was raped, I feel like a slag.
"I was raped, that's why I am pregnant," I announce in a rush. God! What have I got myself into?
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