The Girl In The Mirror

There's a mirror. In the mirror there is a girl. Will the girl be saved from the mirror?


3. Trial

I sat with my back pressed against the cold stone wall. I plaited the hay together, maybe the hay is here for entertainment. 

I was let out to pee three times a day, I was given water every meal time. The food wasn't too bad. They didn't torture me too much because I was still sixteen. A loud knock made me jump and look up from the hay, wow my neck was stiff. The door opened slowly and a guard stood in the doorway. 

"Follow me, you are going to be asked some questions." He told me briefly, I stood up and followed him, I could turn around and run around in these rags or I could stay here and die of boredom. If I did run away I would be a criminal and if I was an angel I need to be good. Wait ... there are evil angels ... nope, I would rather be good. Anyway I don't want to have to be always on the run and it would be nice to get my clothes back and my money. 

I followed the guard down many corridors and then we finally reached a big room that had one chair and a pine desk. There was a guard behind it and he had a stack of paper in front of him and a feather pen with a pot of opened ink.  The guard pushed me in front of the desk and tied my hands up. 

"Do you own a dragon?" The guard sitting behind the desk asked, he carried on scribbling on the paper. Probably writing down whatever he said and whatever I say. 

"No, the dragon that took me to the village is a friend, I have known her for ten years," I informed him, 

"Do you have proof?" 

"Yes, you can ask my Mother," I replied quickly, "If I owned a dragon it would be living with me," 

"Where does your mother live?" He asked, the sound of the pen scratching at the paper echoed through the room. 

"Beach House," The guard who was writing turned to look at another guard,

"Go collect her mother and bring her in to be questioned," Then he looked down at the paper again, "Why did you trespass into Mrs Brown's garden?"  "I didn't mean to, I got lost in the woods and I was trying to get out and I accidently ran into her garden," I said quickly, 

"Why were you in the woods?"  "I always like to go on adventures," 

"Why did you push the villagers?" 

"I was trying to find someone and they were in my way, I was in a rush, I did apologise to them though," 

"Who was you looking for?" He threw at me, 

"Someone called Nathaniel," 

"Why were you looking for him?" Oh no, I was stuck now, I can't say I was going to ask about the Mirror of Dreams and ask about angels, 

"I needed to talk to him, private matters," The guard nodded, he turned to the guard standing next to him, "Take her back to her cell, I'm going to clear her of two of the charges, if we get proof that she doesn't own a dragon then she can be released," The other guard nodded and took me back to the cell. Hopefully Mum just did what the guards say, I want to be out of here. I don't know how long I have been in here for. 

I curled up in the hay, bits of hay stabbed into my skin, and fell asleep. 

Everything was hazy, I could barely see my surroundings. I squinted as if it would help me see. I looked around to see if could see an opening in the fog. 

Where was I? 

Everything seemed blurry but even though I couldn't see where I was or where I was going I took a quick step forwards. I looked around again. 

"Hello?" I called out, still nothing. Nothing. I took another step forward and then suddenly I was falling. Air whipped my face and my hair flew out behind me. I was falling at an amazing speed. The wind wasn't cold at all, I felt numb. As I fell everything was still hazy and nothing was clear. 

Before I hit the ground my eyes shot open. 

I was breathing heavily and my forehead was covered in sweat. I sat up slowly and looked around, someone was behind the door and they were knocking loudly. 

"Yeah?" I asked, still shaky from the dream. The guard that was at the door opened it quickly and walked into the room. 

"You are free to go, follow me so you can collect your belongings," He said quickly, I got up and followed him. 


Once I was in the comfort of my clothes I ran out and ran away from the town. I didn't want to be caught with Jemma again. When I was in the safety of never-ending fields I whistled out to Jemma. There wasn't an exact tune you had to whistle, it was any, she knows it's me because she knows how I whistle. I waited, where could Jemma be? Unless she has been killed. I hope she is OK wherever she is. I waited for what seemed like forever and then decided to go by foot. I had to go back to the village unless I was a criminal there and they will just throw me out or throw me in jail. 

I walked back to the town to buy a map. Maybe I could steal one from home. Mum won't need it, she doesn't do any travelling. When I arrived at the house, I slowly opened the front door as quietly as I could and crept inside leaving the door open. I ran to the drawers and opened the top one, in a matter of seconds I found a good map and I shoved it into my bag that I pulled off the hook. I threw the bag over my shoulder and I ran back out of the front door and slammed it shut. I ran down the path, every step took me further away from my house. I don't plan on returning till I finished my quest. 

I opened up the map to check I was going the right way, I'm glad I taught myself how to read a map, I was following the right path which was a good start. Raindrops tumbled out of the sky and landed softly on my map, 

"Great," I thought, "It's raining," I folded the map back up and ran under the shelter of trees. 

The sky was covered in angry grey clouds, it looked like the didn't want to budge and liked the warmth of the sun. The rain disappeared quickly to let me carry on with my quest/adventure. I walked away from the trees and I carried on walking to my destination. The wind pushed my hair into my face as I walked as fast as I could, like the wind wanted my to slow down. The crunch of the ground was comforting and I whistled to myself. I let myself get absorbed in my thoughts, paying no attention to where I was going. 

Out of nowhere an arrow crashed in front of my feet, I froze in shock and my head snapped up to see who my attacker was. A women was standing about 20 meters in front of me, she held a bow and was getting an arrow ready to shoot me with. She had long black hair that was pulled back into a pony-tail and her features were mangled and her face was covered with scars. She wore a long black dress that flowed around her feet. She launched the arrow at me and I ducked quickly, I grabbed the one that was in front of me and threw it back at her, the arrow whizzed through the air and stabbed her arm and she screeched in pain. Her mangled face crumpled up in anger and she ran towards me, when she was close enough I jumped out of her way and jumped onto her back grabbing all of her arrows. I grabbed one and stabbed it into her shoulder causing her to screech once more. Blood oozed out of the wound and dribbled down her dress. I jumped off of her back and threw a kick at her legs causing her to fall to the ground, she tried to get up but I kicked her again and again. I grabbed another arrow and I grabbed her wrist -without any effort needed - and stabbed it, blood poured out of her like a river that has got past a dam made by a beaver. I grabbed the rest of the arrows and her bow and ran away. I felt sorry for whoever finds her dead. 

The sky got darker as the day progressed into night. I can't turn back now, I just have to find somewhere hidden to sleep. I walked towards a tall tree and climbed up into it, good thing I was tired. When I was sure I was hidden I shut my eyes and hoped to fall asleep quickly.

I opened my eyes and it was bright. The start of a new day. I dropped down from the tree and carried on walking, the forest was coming to an end and I just had to walk through the fields before it got dark again, well before I needed to sleep. I was slightly hungry, I just had to wait till I got into the village to buy something. 

The sun was bright today and the sky was nearly cloudless, there was a slight breeze in the air. This was my sort of weather. My feet ached from all of the walking, they were scratched and had lots of scabs on them. Maybe it was time I wore shoes. I whistled again, hoping Jemma would hear and take me to the village. I couldn't be bothered to walk any more. Still no Jemma. I sighed and carried on walking, I guess I just have to deal with the pain in my feet. 

I ran through the fields, it's not safe to be in an open field, you never know when a dragon or a witch will come down to attack you. I kept the arrows in my bag and the bow in my right hand. I had no intention of using my new weapon but I will use it if I get attacked first. I have already killed one person, I hope I don't get caught. Unless she is a witch or something. But she is bound to be a wanted criminal, so well, yeah, I won't be in too much trouble. Anyways she attacked me first. 

I couldn't get my legs to move fast enough, there wasn't any danger but I just wanted to know I was safe and I'm really, really hungry.

The grass that belonged to the fields scratched my legs like as if they were angry and were trying to make me fall down. Doesn't anyone cut them? No wonder it's so hard to run, it's like wading through a river. I whistled again, desperate for Jemma to come and save me from the attacks of the grass.

"Jemma!?" I screamed at the top of my voice, my voice broke at the end. I was desperate to get out of the grass and away from the fields, I could feel the sun on my bare flesh and I was worried that I would get burnt. I carried on running, pushing past the blades of grass, I was determined to get away from here in half an hour at the most. When I finally reached the end of the field and I was in the safety of the trees I let out a small "Yay,". I just needed to get into the village and buy some food and a bottle to carry water in. 

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