The Girl In The Mirror

There's a mirror. In the mirror there is a girl. Will the girl be saved from the mirror?


1. The Mirror

"Bye Mum!" I called out, everyday I go out and have an adventure. I walk around in the woods and hope to find an old house or something interesting. I'm 16 so there isn't any school. I finished school two months ago, for the past two months I have been searching for a job and venturing out in the woods.  "Bye Isabella!" Mum shouted from upstairs and then she carried on drying her hair. I slowly opened the front door and walked out into the misty day. 

Mist swirled around my head and the cold grabbed hold of my bare arms, I was wearing light brown shorts and a white tank top. I didn't wear any shoes, shoes just get in the way. My long dark brown hair tickled my arms and blew into my face, a few strands of hair flew into my mouth and I had to yank them out. I would tie my hair up but my hair band snapped yesterday. Typical. 

I ran towards the woods, stones sticking into my feet as if they were trying to cut through my pale skin and take my blood from my body, and ran straight. I never get lost in the woods. It's good to be friends with a dragon, I met Jemma when I got lost in the woods when I was 6, she heard me cry and helped me get out of the woods. Ever since when I need help she comes and helps me, like if it's a fight or I get attacked. 

I climbed up a tree and whistled, a minute later I heard Jemma's wings hit the air and I looked to my left and saw her approach, she had light blue scales and orange eyes. When she was below the branch I jumped out of the tree and onto her back, today I wasn't going to explore this forest. It's time for a change. 

The wind blew my hair back behind me and it whistled past my ears. All I had to do was try not to look down, I have a fear of heights. The sky was grey and clouds surrounded us as if they were planning to attack us. Birds scattered from their groups  and flew to the ground to hide.  "Jemma, the forest there," I shouted, hoping she heard. She nodded quickly and flew down the the ground. The wind whipped my face burning my eyes. 

When we landed on the grass outside of the forest I slipped off of Jemma's back and ran towards the forest.

"Bye Jemma!" I called to her and I heard her wings flap. I was suddenly surround by giant like trees. The cast shadows all around me. I ran forwards, away from the trees. I looked around to check if I was alone. I ran into a clearing and saw a small shed. It was made out of wood and looked very old. The door was made out of wood and had bits of wood sticking out, the windows were smashed and glass covered the floor. I looked around once more and walked towards the abandoned shed. Carefully I opened the door and into it. Cobwebs hung from the ceiling and dim light flooded the room. Mice and rats scattered into the holes in the walls and floors. The paint on the walls were flaking and old cans and smashed wine bottles lay on the floor in the corner. Standing in front of the furthest wall was a big mirror. The frame was gold and had silver roses twisted around the frame and at the top sat two bronze daisies. 

I walked up to the mirror and peered in. Behind the glass stood a girl, her hair was long and was slightly curly and rolled down to her elbows. Her hair was dark and her skin was pale, her eyes were round and blue. She looked like me except she wore a long grey torn dress and her hands were touching the glass. Her red lips turned into a smile of relief when she saw me  and her smile revealed perfectly straight white teeth. My teeth were crooked. I stared at her and stepped forwards, I accidently stood on broken glass and it pierced into the skin on my foot. I yelped in pain. 

"Crap!" I cursed, the girl looked at me with worry, her eyebrows arched over her eyes and she hit the glass with her right hand.

"Help!" she said, her voice echoed through the room. Her voice was smooth but shook with panic. I felt the wetness of the blood pour out of my foot and I felt the sharp pain in my foot suddenly.

"How!?" I replied, my voice shook like the girl's.

"Go! Find out about the mirror! Go search the nearby village and ask there about the Mirror of Dreams, please!" She begged,

"OK, how did you get into the mirror?" I asked and at the same time I pressed my hand to the glass to see if I could pass through it. 

"I got cursed, I will explain to you when you save me, please just go!"  She begged, she sounded like she had been trapped in the mirror a long time and wanted to get out. I know how she feels, I would do the same. I nodded and ran out of the shed and ran out of the clearing. I had no idea where I was going, I just have to hope I'm going the right way. I ran and ran, I was too impatient to get out of the woods to care about where I was going. I saw light past the group of trees and I ran towards it. Big mistake. 

The light blinded me causing me to squint. I had run into someone's garden. A women was sitting in a wooden chair in the middle of her huge garden, the sun hovered above her. She was reading a book and she heard me gasp and looked up and stared into my eyes. Her grey eyes were like cold stones. Her thin mouth turned into a frown and she threw the book to the ground and got up from the chair.  

"How dare you enter my garden without permission!" She screeched at me, her grey hair was twisted up into a bun. Her face turned red with anger and she stomped towards me. As she got closer I held up my hands to stop her. 

"I didn't mean to, I swear, I was running out from the forest. I got lost," I muttered, my voice shook with fear, my eyes darted around her garden to see if there was any way of escaping. I whistled to call Jemma. "Jemma! Help!" I yelled, 

"No point calling out for help, your friend won't hear you, she probably is laying on the cold ground in the forest with flies swirling around her corpse," The woman laughed,

"My dragon is not dead," I yelled at her and at that exact moment Jemma flew down into the garden, I ran forwards and climbed onto her back. "Goodbye!" I called down as Jemma flew up into the air. I looked up into the sky, it was blue and all the clouds had cleared. Jemma headed towards the village and landed in the square. People screamed and ran into buildings, I quickly got off of Jemma's back before people came with guns to shoot her. Normally when dragons land in a village they start attacking. 

"Go Jemma!" I yelled and ran towards a shop. When I was inside I walked up to the shopkeeper to ask him about the mirror. 

"Hello, do you know anything about the Mirror of Dreams?" I asked as politely as I could. 

"No, sorry, but go and speak to Nathaniel who is normally in the library, he knows a lot about the mirror," He replied, his green eyes studying me. 

"Thank you, goodbye," I said and turned and left the shop. I walked out into the square and walked up to an elderly woman to ask her where the library was, 

"Hi, um, do you know where the library is?" I said slowly and the lady turned around to look at me, her blue eyes staring at me in shock, 

"Yes, it's next to the village hall, poppet," She mumbled, her voice was shaking and she turned away and carried on walking towards the stone fountain. People stared at me and watched me, they didn't recognise me - obviously, this is the first time I have ever set foot in this village. I walked towards the mansion like building, assuming it was the village hall. Above the door stood a plaque that had a word in a foreign language.  It probably said 'village hall' or something similar. Next to the building was a smaller building which had a sign informing me that it was a library. I walked up to the building and carefully opened the door. 

It was warm inside and it was silent though the odd sound of a book's page being turned echoed throughout the building. Annoyingly the shopkeeper never told me what Nathaniel looked like so how was I supposed to be able to find him? I walked up to the librarian and decided to ask her, she must know his name if he was in here normally. 

"Um, hello, do you know anyone called Nathaniel?" I asked, the librarian nodded but didn't take her eyes off of the newspaper she was reading, her curly blonde her covered her face. 

"Yeah, he's other there sitting in the chair by the bookshelf that is filled with books about the history of the village," She muttered, she still didn't take her eyes off of the newspaper. 

"Thanks, bye," I muttered back, not caring that a hint of rudeness entered my voice. I turned away and walked towards the man in the chair. He had short black hair and his skin was tanned. He was reading a large book that looked similar to an encyclopaedia. I stood in front of him and he looked up from his book slowly. His bright green eyes were piercing and it was hard to miss them. 

"Are you Nathaniel?" I asked.  

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