The Girl In The Mirror

There's a mirror. In the mirror there is a girl. Will the girl be saved from the mirror?


6. The Killing

I finished cleaning the library and replacing the books. As I was walking back to my dormitory  I heard a loud crash, and I felt the walls shake in protest. I sighed, boys must be fighting. Everyone in this school is supernatural, I'm sure magic got thrown around and they made something explode. Then Indigo came running out of his dorm, his clothes torn and he was covered in blood. 

"Indigo! What did you do?!" I hissed at him, we had been here less than twenty four hours and he has already gotten into a fight. 

"This boy, he pissed me off, Jared I think his name was. I need to leave. Bye." Indigo gasped then ran away. 

"Indigo!" I called after him but it was no use. I sighed then walked into the dorm, where the two girls had their ears pressed up to the wall. 

"What happened?" I asked them. 

"The new boy got into a fight with Jared. Jared has a crush on you." One of the girls giggled. Her face matching the colour of her red hair. 

"Why would he get into a fight with him about that?" I asked puzzled. 

"We don't know, we only heard the end of the fight. Then we heard a crash and that was it." The other girl, who had blonde spiky hair, like a how a pixie would have it. 

"What's your name?" I asked the girls. 

"Mine's Daisy." Said the red-headed girl. 

"Mine's Jasmin." The blonde-headed girl replied. 

"Nice names." I complemented. 

"Thanks." They both said together. Then I remembered Indigo, I had to find him. Now. Before he kills himself of anyone else. 

"I need to go see if Indigo is okay." I told them, walking out of the room. I didn't plan on being back for a while. I ran down the corridor, I had to find him. Why didn't I chase after him before? I'm such an idiot. 

"No running!" An old lady hissed at me. She sounded like the sort of teacher who is strict. 

"Sorry." I said quickly and slowed down to a quick walk. As soon as I was out of the school doors, I went back to running. Where could he be?  At that precise moment, I heard a loud howl coming from the forest across the grounds, I took off into a sprint. That was Indigo, there was no mistaking that howl. Even though I have never heard him howl before, but I could hear words mixed in with the howling. 

"What did I do?" Is what I heard. 

When I approached the forest, I slowed down. I needed to catch my breath back. If Indigo turned on me I would need to be able to run quickly. 

"Indigo?!" I called out into the forest, my voice echoing  into the distance. Indigo howled back in response. 

"Isabella!" I heard. It definitely is Indigo. 

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