The Girl In The Mirror

There's a mirror. In the mirror there is a girl. Will the girl be saved from the mirror?


5. The House

I waited. The wind forced my hair into my face, the odd strand of hair poked my eyes. I heard screeching echoing from the mouldy walls of the house. I looked around to check for enemies and anyone who could be a threat. I wonder why he didn't want me near his house.  I wanted to find out what was happening behind the walls, I wanted to know if Indigo was in danger. I slipped off of Jemma's back and walked slowly and cautiously up to the house. 

"I want to go!" I heard Indigo yelling, and then I heard growling, "I'm going with a friend, I need to help her, she's on an adventure, sorry but I'm going," Indigo threw the door open, I was half way up the path to his house. He stormed up the path towards me and inside the walls of the house I saw two gigantic wolves. They were huge. They growled at me and then I turned and quickly ran up the path towards Indigo. A loud howl echoed and then I heard giant paws attacking the floor. I looked behind me and saw one of the wolves charging up to us. The blood pounded behind my ears and my heart beat frantically and I realised how far Jemma was. I heard fabric ripping and as I was running I started to slowly rise. My feet no longer touched the ground. 

"Isabella?! Your wings!" Indigo called and automatically I looked behind to see two large feathery wings on my back. The wolves, both had left the safety of the house, were directly underneath me. I was about ten metres above them. I bit down on my tongue fighting the urge to stick it out at them. 

It felt amazing. I'm flying! I flew towards Jemma. I looked back to see where Indigo was. He could run really fast. The giant wolves stopped chasing us and galloped back inside the house. I flew down and climbed onto Jemma's back. In a matter of seconds Indigo was with me. 

"Ready?" He asked. I nodded and whistled to Jemma, signifying her to start flying. 

I told Jemma where to go and we were there in no time. By then my wings had disappeared. Me and Indigo walked to where the old lady was. We saw her standing there dealing with a customer. She saw us and held up her index finger to show that she will only be a second. I looked at Indigo and he looked ashamed. Maybe of what just happened. 

"Why did you walk up to my house?!" He hissed at me quietly. 

"You were taking a long time . . . I was just worried something had happened to you." I hissed back. 

"Hello, do you need anything?" The old lady interrupted. 

"Um . . .  yeah, me and Indigo are going to Creature School so I won't be needing you to teach me how to cast spells. Also I know how to fly." I informed her quickly. Trying to gather my thoughts quickly. 

"Just as I thought . . ." She mumbled to herself. " That's fine. Good luck." She said to us and turned to a customer that was approaching. I nodded and we walked back to Jemma. 

"At least that is all cleared up." Indigo commented. 

"Yeah. We have three days. Where are we going to go?" I asked him. 

"Um . . . I have no idea." Indigo muttered. His brows mashed together in concentration. 

"Same. I don't think my mum will let us both stay." I muttered, almost to myself. 

"Do you think the School will let us join early?" Indigo asked curiously. 

"I don't know, well we do have everything we need." I replied. 

We stood at the place and I said goodbye to Jemma. After shooting fire into the sky we got teleported into the same room as before. We were in the two seats we were in before. 

"Ah. Hello." Said the tall elf-man who sat behind the desk. 

"Is it possible for us to join early?" I asked. My voice shook a little. 

"Yes of course. The three days is allowing you to get your belongings together and say goodbye to loved ones. I am the headmaster at this school," He informed us. "I will show you to your dormitories and in the morning someone will give you a timetable and a map of the school." We both nodded and followed him. 

We were given dormitories next to each other. In my dormitory is a lounge area with sofas and tables, a door leading to a bathroom and a door leading to the bedroom. I had to share with two other students, who I hoped I would get along well with. I really don't want to make enemies here. All I want to do is train then free the girl. 


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