The Girl In The Mirror

There's a mirror. In the mirror there is a girl. Will the girl be saved from the mirror?


4. The Beginning of an Adventure

I had everything I needed. Food, water and a map. Enough to keep me going. I didn't bother buying shoes, my feet would toughen up soon enough. I still had some money left, if I ran out I could always find some on the floor or find something good enough to sell. 

I walked to the library again. I had to talk to Nathaniel. I pushed open the door and walked into the library. It was warm, too warm. I immediately felt claustrophobic and to my surprise it was full of families and old people. It was quiet but hushed voices stopped it from being completely silent. Why were libraries so quiet? Why couldn't we speak in normal voices and able to have a laugh with other people who were browsing through the bookshelves? I walked around looking for Nathaniel. I saw him hidden in a corner and I approached him quietly, careful not to scare him off. 

"Nathaniel," I whispered, people turned their heads in my direction and stared at me.

"Oh, it's you, again" He said, he looked irritated and he looked back at the book he was reading. How rude.

"What am I?" I asked,

"I can't tell you, but if you go up into the mountains that are north of this village there is a pond and if you look into it you will find out, then once you have found out you can go east of the mountains and find a group of market stalls, a lady who knows a lot has a market stall and she sells fruit. Walk up to her and ask her as many questions as you want, she knows everything and she knows more than I do about the Mirror," He whispered back, "Be careful, many monsters are in the mountains but it shouldn't take you long to find the pond, where did you find the bow?"

"Um, I got attacked by an old lady, she had the bow, and I killed her then I thought I should take it, so I did," I whispered as quietly as I could, I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself.  He nodded and turned back to his book. I said goodbye and walked out of the crowded library. It felt nice to walk into cool air. 

The mountains were huge, they touched the clouds and they were like big towers. There was five of them, trees grew out of them in patches and snow was at the top sitting on them like moisturiser. I guessed the pond was surrounded by trees. I walked towards it, the mountains grew larger the closer I got to them, when I was right in front of them I saw how tall they really were. I took a deep breath and climbed up into the trees. It was steep but I managed. I found the pond quickly, it called to me, it's voice was high pitched and echoed through the air.  

The water sparkled and it was surrounded in pond weed. Bright blue dragon flies flew above the water's surface. The sun bounced off of the water and made the whole area around the pond bright and beautiful. I looked into the pond to find that I had white wings on my back. They were big and were fluffy-like, they looked identical to an angels wings. Then it hit me. 

I was an angel. 

Oh. My. God. 

How cool! I was an angel, I grinned with satisfaction. I felt like laughing and screaming. It was obvious. So obvious. I didn't need Jemma to take me places. I had wings. One problem, I don't know how to fly. Maybe that's why Nathaniel wants me to speak to the lady who owns the fruit stall. I ran away from the pond only to find myself in front of a wolf. Oh god, I grabbed the bow that was around my shoulder and grabbed an arrow out of my bag. I shot the wolf and the arrow flew into it's leg and the wolf yelped in pain then it shifted into a human form. In it's place was a male human, he had short black hair and had pale skin. His eyes were bright blue, it was hard to miss his eyes to be honest. His clothes were rags and they had grass stains on them. 

"What the hell!" He shouted at me, he yanked the arrow out of his left leg and he pressed his hand to the wound to stop the blood, 

"Sorry! I thought you were going to attack me!" I apologised, I was in shock. I thought I was going to kill a wolf and I was hoping to be able to sell him for money. I ran over to him and knelt down beside him. I paused,  "Are you OK?" I asked him, 

"Does it look like I'm OK?" he hissed back, he exhaled and breathed in. 

"Sorry, can I have a look?" I asked, he nodded and pulled his hand away. I saw that his hand was crimson red. I pressed my hand against the wound, it was damp but I could feel the skin heal beneath my hand. I took my hand away and I studied his expression to check I haven't scared him. I have always been able to do that, I used to always scrape my legs  and I would press my hand to them and they would heal. I thought it was normal. His bright blue eyes were wide with shock and he opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. 

"W-what did you do? Thanks, are you an a-angel?" He asked, he got up quickly and I copied. 

"I healed your leg, no problem, yup," I said, a grin stretched across my face. 

"Cool! I have never met an angel before, are you a bad angel?" 

"No, well I don't know, I killed someone but she attacked me, I have been sent to jail and I shot you in the leg," I mumbled, 

"I don't think you are evil," He said grinning at me, "depends what you went to jail for,"

"I was falsely accused, I accidently walked into someone's garden, I don't own a dragon- the dragon is just my friend and I didn't assault anyone," I told him, looking down at the ground trying not to laugh. I don't know why, I just felt like laughing. 

"I think you're a good angel," He told me giving me a small smile, his teeth were white and sparkled in the sunlight and I smiled back in return. 

"So, where are you off to?" I asked gazing into his eyes. 

"Nowhere, just trying to find an adventure," 

"I'm on and adventure! Wanna come along?" I asked, 

"Sure, do you mind a werewolf tagging along?" He chuckled, 

"Nope, I think werewolves are cool," I told him. 

"OK then, where are we off to then?" 

"Well, I have to find out about the Mirror of Dreams, have you ever heard of it?" Excitement filled my voice as I knew I wasn't on this adventure on my own. 

"Yeah, I think everyone around here as heard of it, it's just a myth though, you're not actually searching for it?" He said, looking at me as if I was crazy,

"I'm searching for it, it does exist, I found it, I'm trying to find out how I can save the girl who is trapped inside it, I heard only angels can free anyone who is trapped inside the mirror," I informed him, he nodded, 

"OK then, but you do know you can't be looking fo..." he began but I stopped him, 

"I know that, I know a lot about the mirror, I need to find a lady who owns a fruit stall where the market is, it's east of here," He nodded and we set off. 

We talked about a lot, life in general and our past. It didn't take long to find the market stalls. Just as some people say, time flies when you are having fun. There was rows and rows of market stalls, they all sold different things like weapons, pets, dragon eggs, food, potions, jewelry, flowers, gems etc.

"Hey, what's your name, you never told me," I said, flirting a little, "It's Indigo, please don't laugh, we all got named after colours, what's your name?" He asked,

"Indigo is a cool name, my name is Isabella,"  I said grinning, 

"Thanks." He replied grinning back. 

We walked up to a fruit stall, an old lady with grey hair tied up into a bun was standing behind it. She had a polite smile on her lips and her grey eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She wore a beige apron and a crimson red dress underneath it. 

"Hello, do you know anything about the Mirror of Dreams and angels?" I asked politely, trying to keep my voice down so I didn't attract any attention to myself. 

"Yes," she said, then she turned to the neighbouring stall "Jane, could you look after my stall? Keep any tips," The girl nodded and moved her stall so it joined onto the fruit stall. "Follow me," She commanded and we obeyed. She took us to her house and told us to sit down on a chair. 

"So..." I began, looking around her home, well it was just a room with wooden walls and a few doors dotted around, a fireplace sat by the wall furthest away from us. It was windowless so the fireplace was the only source of light. It was dim in the room which made it feel eerie. 

"How do you know that I know about the Mirror of Dreams?" She asked, 

"Nathaniel told me," I replied quickly,

"Ah, so you probably know a lot about it then, the only thing I know that he doesn't know is how to free people from it, but I'm not an angel so I can't free anyone from it, and I know how to summon it," She told me, 

"I'm an angel," I cut in, 

"Oh! Of course, otherwise he would of never sent you to me, do you know any spells? Can you fly?" She fired at me,  "I don't know any spells and I can't fly, all I know is how to heal people," 

"Don't worry, I will teach you, I taught Nathaniel, I used to work at an angel school but they closed it down, the angels closed it down because they wanted angels to stay hidden," 

"Cool! Thanks," I said, grinning at her, I wish they still had it open, angel school sounds fun. "So what will i be learning first?" I asked eager to learn, I hope it's flying. 

"Well spell casting, it's easier and useful," She said standing up from her seat and muttering a spell which sent the three of us to a field. The grass was long and the sky was blue with puffy clouds dotted everywhere. There was no trees in sight and it seemed unreal. "OK, first we will start with the fire spell, what you will be able to do is shoot fire balls out of your hands and it's very handy in a fight," The lady said and she launched a fire ball into the distance, "Be careful not to set the grass on fire. 

"So what you do is you chose your spell hand, what ever hand you are comfortable with, but you will have to stick with this hand so chose wisely, put your spell hand out in front of you and cross your fingers on the other hand," I obeyed, "and then wave your spell hand in clockwise circles in front of you and say 'I chose this hand that I hold in front of me to be the hand to cast spells with', spells don't need to rhyme like they do in story books," 

"I chose this hand that I hold in front of me to be the hand to cast spells with," I muttered and my hand glowed, I felt a tingling sensation in my palm. 

"Well done, now you can cast spells with it, but if you ever want to change hands you have to say the spell again, to use both hands is tricky and is difficult because you have to cast spells using both hands and if you are using the fire spell and the other hand is pointing down you could set yourself or others on fire, so the fire spell, all you need to do is point your spell hand in the direction you want the fire to go then all you do is say 'flame' it's the easiest spell, also you can mutter it under your breath so when you're in a fight the enemy doesn't know what spell you are using," 

"Flame? really? what happens if you want to use the word?" I looked at the ground and noticed no spell was cast, 

"I knew you would work it out, aha, it's "Ignito", go on then, try it out," She said taking a step back to make sure she was out of my way. 

"Ignito," I mumbled pointing my spell hand towards the sky and I felt heat erupt from my palm and I watched as a fire ball launched itself at the clouds. "Wow, cool!" I said, 

"I think that's enough for now, I need to go back to the stall, I think you should stop by the angel school and learn spells from them, come back tomorrow and I will teach you how to fly, let's say five PM, bye," she told me and I nodded, then in a flash we were near the stalls, 

"Bye." I said and walked away and I could hear Indigo follow me.

"That was really cool, I thought the angel school had been closed down?" He muttered behind me, 

"Yeah same, maybe it's hidden, maybe there is a different one, I think I'm gonna try teleporting, it won't be too hard," I muttered back, I waved my hand and thought really hard about going to the angel school. Nothing. "Looks like we are walking, I have no idea," I told him, 

"It won't be too bad, just where is the school? Maybe we should ask the lady," He suggested and I nodded and walked to the stalls.  "Hey, where is the school," I emphasised the word 'school' so she knew I meant angel school, I don't want to expose angels, I don't know the consequences but I'm guessing they're not nice. 

"Just keep using the fire ball spell and someone should come," She whispered back and I nodded, couldn't be bothered to speak, and I walked away. 

"You're not going to leave me are you? There is no way they will let me in angel school, I'm a werewolf," 

"Oh, good point, but you are magical in a way so they might let you in, just say we are friends," I suggested, and I began shooting fire balls into the sky, I just hoped no one noticed. Suddenly I bright flash of light made me jump and I turned to see where the light came from. 

"Hello, we saw you were casting spells and wanted to ask if you wanted to study at the school for creatures, but it costs but we can discuss that there," there was two people standing in long navy blue cloaks. Their faces were hidden by the hood.  "OK, will my friend be able to come?" I asked, looking around, they were scary looking. 

"Oh, he's a werewolf, so sure, it's a school for creatures," The one on the left said, then we were suddenly in an office. there were two chairs opposite a big desk which held a lot of paper in several piles. There was a big bookshelf behind the desk and sitting on the other side of the desk was a tall man who was an elf (I could tell by the ears) and he had short grey hair. His eyes were a cloudy blue and they were small. He was wearing a navy blue cloak like the two strange people. 

"Hello, take a seat," He said in a posh tone and he pointed to the two seats opposite him. Me and Indigo sat down obediently. "It will cost depending on how nice the room is where you are staying, if you don't have enough money to pay we can always set up an agreement," 

"I know I don't have enough money to pay, is food and other facilities included?" I asked, 

"Yes, we can set up a job for you to help you pay, then everything here will be free but you won't get paid any money," 

"OK, what sort of job?" I asked, 

"I know there is a job in the library every weekday evening and on a Saturday, would you like to take it? Both of you could have the job as there are two spaces," I nodded my head and looked to the left to see Indigo nod his head too. One thing is that I hope I don't get stuck here too long, I really have to save the girl. I was hoping that the old lady would teach me. She said she was going to teach me how to fly tomorrow, maybe she is still going to. Maybe she has a plan. "Good, you will be collected in three days and we will give you a room each, until then gather clothes and things you need, also tell your parents, we don't want them to report you missing," He informed us "Good bye," 

"Bye," We said in unison and then we were flashed back to where we were standing before. 

"OK, somehow we need to travel back to mine then we can go to your house, unless your house is closer," I told Indigo, 

"We can go to your house first, I don't mind," He said and we headed back, 

"Hey, wait a second, I'm gonna call Jemma, it will take us ages to get home, " I muttered and then I whistled into the sky. In a matter of seconds Jemma landed on the ground and we climbed onto her back, "Take us home, please," I requested and then Jemma flew up into the sky and soared through the clouds back home. 


I threw open the front door and skipped inside, 

"Hey, I'm home, sorry I was out on an adventure, Mum I need to speak to you!" I called out, I heard Indigo walk in behind me. Mum ran into the hall and hugged me.

"I hate it when you go out on your adventures! I was so worried, I'm sorry but I'm grounding you, you could of at least sent a letter!" A nice warm welcome turned into a scolding. 

"Mum! You can't ground me, I came home to pack, I'm going to school," I told her firmly, 

"But you left!" She replied, tears falling out of her eyes, "I just got you back," I started to walk upstairs to pack my stuff and she followed,

"I will come back, don't worry, it's like a boarding school, so I will be staying there," I said starting to pack, "It's a creature school, a school for creatures like werewolves and angels," and then Mum went silent, 

"Do you know?" She whispered looking down at the ground, 

"Know about what? That I'm an angel? Mum why didn't you tell me!" I shouted at her, 

"I didn't want you to go off on adventures or go off to that creature school and I didn't know if you were an angel, you could of been human," She said quickly, I had all my clothes in a suitcase and everything I needed. 

"Bye, Mum," I muttered, still pissed off with her. Then I walked downstairs to meet Indigo and leave, "I have everything," I told him and we walked out of the house. I whistled for Jemma and then when we were on her back we flew off towards his house. 

We landed in front of a large house. It was old and falling apart. It looked similar to an abandoned house. 

"Stay here, I will be quick," and Indigo ran up to the peice-of-crap house and disappeared inside it like the house had eaten him whole. I looked around, hairs stood up on my arm. The air surrounding me felt eerie. The wind whistled through the trees and it immediately sent shivers up my spine, as if my body was telling me to get the hell out of here. I wanted to, but I can't ditch Indigo, it's not fair. Anways we have to stick together, we are going to school together and we are on an adventure together. So I can't leave. No matter how scary his house is. I hope he is quick.

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