The Girl In The Mirror

There's a mirror. In the mirror there is a girl. Will the girl be saved from the mirror?


2. Nathaniel

"Yes, what do you want to know?" He asked, his voice was rusty like. His teeth were white and more crooked than mine were. 

"I want to know about the Mirror of Dreams," I asked quietly, 

"Oh, the Mirror of Dreams, the mirror is very old and is hidden somewhere, it can appear anywhere randomly but you can't be looking for it, you can only come across it randomly. There is a legend that states that people, who are cursed, can get trapped inside and can only be freed when the spell is broken, the spell can only be broken by an angel, angels are very rare and in most cases they don't know they are an angel till they find out or they are told. The mirror is over two thousand years old, it is full of magic and curses. It is also said that the mirror will be found hidden away, I once saw it in an old shed in the forest near the village, I was hunting for food and I came across it though when I went back to search for it I found the shed but the mirror was not there, but when I looked into the mirror I didn't see anyone in it not even my own reflection. It is said that a girl went missing ten years ago and hasn't been seen and I have heard that she is stuck in the mirror because she was cursed," He informed me, 

"I saw the mirror today, I saw a girl, she asked me to help her, she said she was cursed and she asked me to find out about the mirror," I told him, 

"You saw the mirror!" He said in a hushed voice, "Don't tell anyone! Promise me," 

"Why can't I tell anyone? " I asked, 

"Because, you will find out soon enough, I can't tell you anymore, just promise me not to tell anyone," 

"OK, I promise," I said and watched him put the book back on the shelf, I noticed his clothes were old and were rag like, 

"Can you talk to animals?" He asked me, his eyebrows were raised, 

"Um, yeah, do dragons count?" I replied, following him out of the library, 

"You have spoken to a dragon?" He whispered, 

"Yeah, I have known Jemma since I was six, I have known her for ten years," I informed him, 

"Wow, if you were a normal human the dragon would of killed you," He muttered to himself, 

"I'm not normal?" I asked, 

"Sorry, I can't say anymore, I better be off," He said quickly, I noticed we weren't walking anymore and I watched him as he half ran away from me, he headed towards another shop, 

"I'm not normal?" I repeated to myself, "What the hell am I?" I asked myself, I was careful to keep my voice quiet and I looked down, I didn't want people thinking I was mad. I didn't know what to do next, who to talk to, who to ask the many questions that were whizzing around in my head. 

I walked back into the library and decided to research about the mirror, maybe it might tell me what I am. If I'm not human. I could always turn back and ask Mum. Bad idea, I know she wouldn't tell me and she would ask me what adventure I was on and keep me behind with countless chores. She always did that after dinner to stop me going out again. I always leave as quickly as I can in the morning, when Mum is confused. 

I looked at the bookshelf, I tried to find anything that was about the mirror. I needed to save the girl, I needed to know who I was. 

Wait, didn't he say only angels can free people from the mirror? How will I find an angel? Why couldn't I tell anyone I found the mirror? Can only certain people find the mirror or see the mirror? 

I scanned the bookshelf, then I found a book which told me it was called "Mirrors and Their Curses". I pulled it out of the shelf and opened it out, I shut my eyes as I waited for dust to fly out from the book like it does in films. Nope, no dust. I scanned the contents page and looked for the Mirror of Dreams. Aha page 221. I flipped over countless of pages till I found the right page. 


The Mirror Of Dreams 

The Mirror of Dreams was created over two thousand years ago, there is no exact year or date. The mirror is full of curses and magic, it is said that humans can get cursed and trapped in the mirror forever until they are saved and set free. Angels are the only creatures able to see the mirror, find the mirror and set it's victim free. Witches can also see the mirror and curse their victims into the mirror. The mirror is identified as having a gold frame with silver roses.


The mirror is found at random, if you are searching for the mirror it's impossible to find it. When the mirror was made it was enchanted by an angel which is why only angels can see it and find it etc. Given that the mirror's creator had a friend whom was a witch, the witch grew jealous and cursed the mirror so that witches could find it and curse humans into being trapped into the mirror then the mirror cursed the angel's mother (who was human) and the angels mother was trapped in the mirror till another angel discovered the mirror and set her free. 

For many years angels and witches have tried to destroy the mirror. 



Angels can be identified by their wings and their goodness. They are also adventurous and are able to communicate with animals. Not all angels know they are angles till they are told or they find out themselves from researching or when their wings appear. It is also said that angels can perform magic and it's said that they can also be evil.

Angels are created when one or both of their parents are angels themselves. It is very rare to have an angel born and no one in the family are an angel themselves, but most cases it is proved that somewhere in the family tree there is angel blood. Most people say that angels are a curse but some say it's a blessing. 




I shut the book and put it back on the shelf. It didn't answer any questions. Except that I could be an angel. I can't be an angel. I ran out of the library to find Nathaniel. 

The square had suddenly become crowded, I looked around feeling panicked, I felt claustrophobic. I ran, pushing people out of my way and calling out an apology to them. Some shouted abuse at me and threatened to call the guards to get me locked up. What was going on? Someone tapped on my shoulder. 

"Not now," I said breathlessly and I tried to run but they grabbed my arm. I looked around and tried to pull my arm free of their grip. I saw a guard standing behind me and I grew aware of people staring at me. The guards were wearing silver armor and wore a silver helmet. 

"You have been reported several times for having possession of a dragon, trespassing and assaulting villagers. I'm sorry but you have committed three crimes so we are going to have to lock you up till we know who you are and where you are from, what is your name?" The guard's voice was strict  and it sounded like he had a sore throat. 

"My name is Isabella," I informed him,

"Where are you from?" He questioned me,

"I'm from River Town," I replied, the guard turned to the other guard, 

"Send for a guard from River Town to come and collect her, in the meantime we will keep her here, then they can deal with her and maybe they might know her parents," He turned to me, "How old are you?" 

"Sixteen," I replied, I can't believe that I have been caught, I didn't think I was doing anything against the villages laws. I didn't know any of the laws here. Only the ones back home and I thought they would be similar. Well the trespassing one is the same as back home and having a dragon in your possession. Jemma isn't my dragon, she's a friend. I don't own her. I know I will get released when I get back home, I didn't commit any crimes (the trespassing one was an accident, I was running from the forest and I was lost). 

Anyway, in an adventure there will always be obstacles blocking your way. I will continue my adventure to find out about the mirror after I get released from jail. I just have to stay positive. 

I was put onto a carriage and taken back home, I had ropes tying my hands together and my ankles together. It was really uncomfortable. 

"Will I be trialed?" I asked as politely as I could, 

"No, we have enough proof to show that you are guilty so there is no need to waste time," One of the guards told me, he was obviously annoyed that he was stuck on the back of a carriage instead of walking around town fighting crime. 

"I have proof that I'm not guilty, I don't own a dragon, Jemma was helping me, I didn't mean to go into the lady's garden, I was running in the woods 'cause I was lost and didn't know how to get out, I didn't assault anyone, I pushed them out of my way and apologised," I explained, I knew it was hopeless, Mum would kick me out and I will be stuck in jail for ages. Guess I'm never going to save the girl. 

The two hour journey was boring, when we arrived they untied my ankles and threatened that she would shoot me with an arrow if I tried to escape. 

They threw me into a cell and locked me in. It was cold and I shivered. The walls were made out of bricks and there was hay on the floor, in the corner there was a sleeping bag for me to sleep in. There was a door that was locked and I couldn't see out of the cell. They had taken all of my belongings and they had them locked in a box and they made me wear rags. 

I walked to the sleeping bag, pieces of hay stabbed into my feet, and curled up inside it. They are deciding whether to let me explain what happened and if my story is good enough then they will let me out, if they think I'm lying then I just have to serve my time. 

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