The Girl In The Mirror

There's a mirror. In the mirror there is a girl. Will the girl be saved from the mirror?


7. Help

I ran into the direction where the howl came from, in thirty seconds I was standing two feet from Indigo, who now resembled a giant wolf. His fur was pale and had flecks of dark brown in it. His eyes were the same as they were when he is human. 

Every part of my body was telling my to run, my wings were pushing their way out from the skin in my back. I shook my head, I couldn't leave him. 

"Indigo? What happened?" I asked him calmly. 

"I killed him." He howled back in response, his howl full of pain. I looked at him in shock. 

"You . . . Killed someone?" I asked. He howled back. 


"Can you please turn back. It would be easier to talk to you." I asked him. He nodded his giant head and watched him slowly shrink and turn into his normal human self, except he had no clothes on of course. Luckily he covered his . . .  parts with his hands. 

"Sorry, I have no clothes, they got torn to shreds." He apologised. 

"It's fine. Now tell me everything." I instructed him. 

"Jared was talking about how much he had a crush on you and how you were perfect to use and it annoyed me since he planned on hurting you. So I flipped and I attacked him. I doubt I will be allowed back to school." He explained. I looked at him in shock. 

"You do realise you will go to jail for this. Unless you go on the run." I told him. 

"I know. I can't do that. I'm sorry I can't help you with your adventure, I'm really sorry. Be careful, Isabella." And with that, Indigo left into the trees. Not going back to collect his stuff. I turned around and walked back up to the school. I was alone, with no one to help me. Just great. 

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