The Girl In The Mirror

There's a mirror. In the mirror there is a girl. Will the girl be saved from the mirror?


8. Alone, again.

I couldn't say I didn't miss Indigo because I missed him like crazy. I curled up in my bed and tried not to cry. It was silly crying. I just really enjoy his company. 

Would I ever see him again? 



"We need to go through your dormitory. We need to find Indigo." A man said. His voice was hoarse, as if he had been shouting non-stop. I rubbed my eyes and climbed out of bed. "We need to take you into questioning as you're his friend." 

Brilliant. I was dragged down the corridors into an empty classroom. 

"Is it okay if we ask you some questions?" He asked me. I nodded. "What was your relationship with Indigo?"

"He was a friend." I replied. He nodded and wrote it down on a notepad. 

"Okay, when and where did you last see him?" He asked me. I didn't know whether to lie and lead them on another course, opposite from where he was running. 

I decided to tell the truth, the forest was big. "I saw him last night after the incident outside the forest. He then took off without telling me where he was going." I watched as the man wrote it all down. 

"It sounds like you helped him get away." He accused. I shook my head. 

"I tried to get him to tell me what happened." I protested. 

"Right. What part of the forest did he run off to?" He asked me. I shrugged. 

"I don't know." I replied. 

"How can you not know?" He asked me. I shrugged again. 

"He could have ran around the front of the forest and ran east for all I know." I replied. He nodded. 

"I will come back later today to question you further." He told me. I nodded and watched him leave the classroom. I sighed. 

I hoped Indigo is okay. 

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