Smith's School for Spies

Carly is a normal girl, she loves reading and going to school, unlike most kids but she is definitely normal. One day, Carly snatched away and taken to a school, where she is forced to do things against her will.


1. Just another day

Hello and Welcome to Smiths School for Spies. Here we will categorise you to your destined position in either Technology, Computing, Agility, Movement, Disguise, artillery or distractor. You will be put into one for four houses: Saint Chrisopher, Saint Albans, Saint Francis and Saint George. You will wear a badge to show which house you are in. Every year, here at Smiths we have a competition. In this competition people from other houses will be assigned to make a folder about one person in the other house. So someone in St George may make a folder about someone in St Christopher. So don't give out any information because if someone completes a whole folder about you, you will be expelled due to letting out information, a trait to all spies. Your memory of this school will be erased and you will not know a thing about the subject we trained you in.
Thank you,
And please return to your classes.
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