Not His Girl

Cassia's life is perfect. Awesome friends. Awesome hair. Awesome clothes. And -most of all - an awesome boyfriend.
But everything is about to change. It all starts with that one photo...


2. Two

I walk into the school playground with Bea. I have explained nothing to her, it hurts too much. Bea is the sort of friend you don't tell stuff. You're only in it for the laughs.

I see Leo, my boyfriend, from across the grounds. He's grinning, mucking about with his mates. When he sees me, he gives me just that same smile he always does. He can't know I've seen it.

I walk over to him. Stand next to him. Just like normal. Except I can’t speak. Just can’t. Eventually, Leo notices something is wrong.

“What’s up, babes?”

“I...I... I saw the picture, Leo”

"What picture, babes?" he says.

I just shake my head. Playing dumb is so cliché.

"You know the one", I gesture at the crowd surrounding us. I don’t want to tell him here.

“Whatever it was, babes, it was a prank. Some cruel guy playing a mean prank”

How could I have made such a stupid assumption? Of course it was.

And yet somewhere in the back of my mind, I know he's not telling the truth.


 In the cafeteria at lunch, Leo comes to sit with me, Bea and the girls as usual. Pretty soon, all of his mates have turned up and are flirting, shouting... doing all of those things teen boys like to do.

“Leo...” I say, “I still need to talk to you”

“Look, not now, babes. As you said earlier, too many people about. Don’t you want some privacy to talk about it, yeah?”

For the first time ever, I am sort of seeing why some people think he is an idiot. It’s that word. Babes. It’s not just me he uses it on. He doesn’t think I know, but practically every other girl on the planet is babes to him. I used to just put it down to his ‘flirtatious nature’, but I’m beginning to wonder if you can really call that an excuse.

“After school”, I say, “I’ll come round to your place”

“Great, babes”, he says. He’s grinning with his mouth, but his eyes are still dead. The longer this goes on, the more I start to wonder how much of my relationship is a lie.

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