Not His Girl

Cassia's life is perfect. Awesome friends. Awesome hair. Awesome clothes. And -most of all - an awesome boyfriend.
But everything is about to change. It all starts with that one photo...


3. Three


Leo has football practice for a couple of hours after school, so I can’t go round to his straight away.

While I wait, I can’t help but remember all the memories we have together. I don’t want to. I know it’s cheesy to sit in a window seat and feel wistful, but it’s also strangely enjoyable.

We went on our first date almost a year ago now. Prior to that, we had been ‘going out’, but only in that weird that twelve year olds do. Liking each other, going out with each other, but two scared to go on a date with the other.

Anyway, our first date. It was at the cinema. Cliché, I know.  We sat almost entirely in silence, bar the crunch of toffee popcorn (I’ve always hated the stuff, but it was so awkward I ate it anyway), for the first hour. But then some stranger fell over the stairs when he was heading to the toilet. The two of us couldn’t stop laughing for ages. 2 hours later, we said goodbye at the bus stop and shared our first kiss.

The second time we went out, it was more of a double date.  Bea and her then-boyfriend (she was on number five by this point!) were there too. We went to the beach, watched the sun fall, and ate barbecue sausages until Bea puked her guts up and we all had to go home.

I start to laugh at the memory of it, but, seconds later, I realise I’m crying.

Leo, he was my one and only. Leo, he promised to love me forever. Leo, he took it all away in a single photo.

Why? Why would he? Why would he do that?

I stand up, wipe my eyes, and tell myself not to be such a wimp. Leo is going to be sorry he ever crossed me.

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