The Watcher

The year is 2912. Our world is in ruins. One being, the Watcher, sees all. You might think this story is about her. You are right. But also wrong.
Toara is running. From everything. But she is being watched...

This is my first Movella, so it might not be perfect. Please give me any criticisms you have.


1. Floodplain

1st June 2912

Earth is baron. Desolate. Human society is crumbling. But it doesn't stop the population. There is currently an unusual period of growth happening. A baby boom, so to speak. Soon though, it will plummet right back down. Not enough food or water is around anymore to feed 100 thousand people, let alone today's population of a near million.

One girl, Toara Hamlyn, is walking the dirt paths of this desolate Earthplain. She is not walking for the fun of it, no. She is walking out of necessity. She is walking away from the oncoming floods. I am aware that I mentioned a water shortage earlier. I was referring solely to drinking water. The Flood Water is not to be drunk. Rumour has it, the chemicals it contains can give you the Virus.

Toara stops. She can hear voices. Deep, male voices. Toara stops. She slowly makes her way over to a huge tree. Fortunate that there's any trees about, in a world like this. From her hiding place, she can feel more confident to look out at what's going on. It seems as though two men are discussing something. They speak loudly, it is likely they don't care if they are heard.

"...might pick a girl this time. Less likely they'll catch on that she's..."

" Still, the boys are much stronger, always helps..."

Toara only catches snippets of the conversation, but I, the Watcher, hear it all. These men are dangerous. Toara knows that without knowing what they are going to do.

But then she hears the thunder. Flood thunder. In a moment, everything changes. She counts the seconds - 1 mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4 Mississippi, 5 mississ... Just short of 5 miles away. That's not good. She has maximum two minutes to get out of there, but these men are in the way.

Toara is trapped.

There is no escape from the waves that come crashing down on her only minutes later. The men run, she watches them. Even they can't escape this. She struggles to the reach the surface, desperately gasping in air, just before she is pushed back under. After a while she gives into her fate, whatever it may be. Likely it will be death, but, worse, she could catch the Virus...
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