Emo love

Emo love is a story about two girls one named Charlie and one named Sam who falls for a boy named Jake. In their conquest to find the true meaning of happiness the come a cross many task and challenges that with test the strength of their love will it last or will it fade find out in this book.
Enjoy -x- Emo Girl


2. The arguement

I just could not hold back no matter how much i tried i screamed "How could you do this to me you evil little cow i thought we were friends but how can we be friend when you don't tell things and make me out to look like a fool in the middle of the whole school your a slag, no a bitch, no and idiot your the worst best friend in the history of whole best friends i wish i had never met you, you evil, evil little cow i don't know how you can sleep at night!! Now this made or teacher turn around from what he was drawing on the board and shout " Charlie Lewis we do not tolerate that type of behaviour in this school now do we?" so i bellowed " do i look like i give a flying f**k you are just an old pensioner who should go and rot in hell" now i don't know what made me say that but Sam just pushed me to my limit i mean she knew how much i liked him and she betrayed me then i hear her say it is just lies Charlie you know i would never hurt you don't you." i thought to my self oh shit now i have really put my foot in it.

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