Emo love

Emo love is a story about two girls one named Charlie and one named Sam who falls for a boy named Jake. In their conquest to find the true meaning of happiness the come a cross many task and challenges that with test the strength of their love will it last or will it fade find out in this book.
Enjoy -x- Emo Girl


8. sam's revenge on charlie

i got bored of sitting round and thinking about revenge its time to make i happen i thought to myself. first i got my text book out of my bag and began to wright a plan of what my revenge would go down like. first i thought i could make her look stupid but that was easier said than done i mean she was smarter than me and she knew it. next i thought what it would be like to make all her fears become known to the whole city. my mind flicked from revenge mode to acitully using my logic. sometime i think im the only observent one at my school because no one had noticed that she was no longer a size 6 she looked like she had been having loads of food feasts she was at least a size 10 now but it all happend too quick she had been a size 6 only 5months ago so there was only one other explanation she was PREGNANT and she had not told anyone. i now made sense of why i kept seeing her in baby shops on her own, but the only little thought that niggled me the most was whose baby was it? she was meant to be dating Jake the biggest heart-throb in school but she always seen with the popular kids. then i made up my mind i was going to tell the school her secret and she was not going to like it. next i planned my revenge on my peers but i knew i needed charlie's help for that one she was the best at pranks and making fools out of idiots.


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