Emo love

Emo love is a story about two girls one named Charlie and one named Sam who falls for a boy named Jake. In their conquest to find the true meaning of happiness the come a cross many task and challenges that with test the strength of their love will it last or will it fade find out in this book.
Enjoy -x- Emo Girl


3. Punishment

the next thing i knew was the head teacher was marching in to the room with two of the senior staff got took to his office where my parents were wait and i had to tell them everything the i got told hoe nasty it is to bully someone verbally and that if i don't change the way i act i will be transferred to the Page school in Beverly hills and i thought to my self "oh no way will i go there" and then i had to sign a contract to say that i will be good for the rest of the semester and i was put on lop, which is loss of privilege. then i got excluded from school for 6 days 

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