Emo love

Emo love is a story about two girls one named Charlie and one named Sam who falls for a boy named Jake. In their conquest to find the true meaning of happiness the come a cross many task and challenges that with test the strength of their love will it last or will it fade find out in this book.
Enjoy -x- Emo Girl


7. madness

They were all mad if they could anoy me and  get away with it. of corse there would be revenge and oh boy would it be sweet for me. i had many plans cooking up in my mind like public humiliation dead fish in there beds and paint bombs in their lockers on boy would this be the best lot of revenge i had ever got. oh not like i have had revenge on people before like leia sophie jermey and coocoo kat i had never told leias mom she was a stupid idiot failing in everything icluding her life i certanly didnt brake sophie and james up i never told kats and jermeys parent that they were having a baby together. i swear i didnt it all just slipped out in my moments of madness. but this time but on charlie and jake it would be sweet i might cook up a few things that would irritate them then do a big fanale like iching powder and rotten cheese and differant rumors then the fanale would have to be something big unreal and totally humiliating for sam but i didnt want to hurt jake as much as he knew that he was a good friend to me. i think i might show a nasty video of sam being stuck up and nasty and ripping on everyone in the school but as i always say keep your friends close and ur enimes closer to kill them (humiliate not actully kill cos thats aganst the law like totaly uncool)

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