Emo love

Emo love is a story about two girls one named Charlie and one named Sam who falls for a boy named Jake. In their conquest to find the true meaning of happiness the come a cross many task and challenges that with test the strength of their love will it last or will it fade find out in this book.
Enjoy -x- Emo Girl


1. Meet Charlie Lewis, Michael Marsden, Jake Pontin ,Max Foster, Bob Marly ,Jake sullan and Sam Jones

Walking through the corridors at Cate high school in Malibu, California. That is when i first saw him, his short blonde curly hair, his amazing blue eyes and his pale yet stunning skin. It was enough to make any girl drop.then i saw Sam coming the other way, i would have said hi to the mystery man but i could not ditch Sam she is my best friend. Sam came up to me and asked "hey Do you know who that is?" shamefully i  whispered " No i don't but i sure would like to find out wouldn't you?". That's when it all started for days we would sit in class at the back of the auditorium and swap nots on who we thought he was and we made up plans to see what he was like the our whole world came crashing down around us there was rumours that the love god Jake Pontin all ready had a girl friend. We found out his name when we heard Lizzie and Chloe the two girls in the row in front talking about him they talked about his awesome hair his fit abs and those perfect eyes. That is when it clicked, me and Sam are the only two girls in the whole that liked him. It hit me hard and like a brick how on earth could we be the only girls that liked him ?? being an Emo was not easy at my school we constantly suffered with abuse and people say that we were dropped on our heads when we were a mire child. But the truth is that we are just as normal  as anybody else we are just emotionally unstable For hours my head was off in a daze bout him then my friend Michael came up to me and almost chocked when i fainted. When i woke i was surrounded by Sam, the school nurse , Michael and Jake and i thought to myself, why would he be here? did he like me? or worse of all did he love Sam! when i went back to class Jake came with me and every five minuets he would ask me " Are you O.K Charlie, you can rest your head on my shoulder if you feel dizzy. Then the rumours started. i heard two or three of them one was " know that new boy Jake well the Emo girl Charlie is dating him" another was "Charlie and Jake are dating and she looks pregnant with his baby" that one hurt the second most because i was only a size 6 how could i be fat???? And the one that hurt the most was " Oh it is really nice of Sam to let Charlie hang around with her new boyfriend" This one infuriated me and i walked up to Sam and screamed at her in the middle of our public affairs class.

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