Angels and Demons

Jess's heart had been broken by Avi and when he asks to take her somewhere, she doesn't realise that it will change everything between them and that there is always something that people really don't know about what's out there in the world. Jess has always been in love with Avi, as Avi has with Jess but the secret be able to be kept a secret or will it be a exposed to the world. The demons of the underworld will do anything to protect the secrecy of their existance and their enemies'. For if the angels' existance is released into the world, the existance of demons will be expected. They'll do anything to stop humans from knowing the truth. But what about half humans?


2. The Truth Isn't Always Ugly

The car comes to a stop, finally. Who knew that your sight has a lot to do with balance? I was sliding around the car on every turn. I think I gained some bruises from that car ride to. It was fun though, guessing when the next corner was.

Avi climbs out of the jeep and walks around behind the car to my door. He opens it and puts his hands on my narrow waist. He lifts me up with no effort and sets me down on the ground. The door closes with a quiet thud. Avi turns me around by the shoulders and slowly unties the scarf.

The scarf doesn’t fall away from my body though; instead it slips down my body to my waist. Avi’s breathe slides across my neck and a warm tingling sensation floats up my spin, comforting my nerves. I keep looking ahead, looking at my surroundings. Recognising my surroundings, I hunt through my head to find a match.

After a few minutes, it hits me. The answer, it hits me. Why didn’t I think of it before? Stupid brain, doesn’t help me succeed at anything, except being an idiot. It does that well. Memory loss, I have memory loss and a severe case of it too.

I’m in the bushland that’s behind Avi’s house. I’m an idiot, a moron.

“I know where we are.” I say. I raise my chin proudly

“Do you?” Avi breathes into my hair

“Yeah, it’s the bushland behind your house. We’re on the dirt road that runs through it in the shape of a horseshoe.”

“Observant girl, you are” I feel Avi’s whispered words float through the air and into my ear. Avi encircles me in his arms. He clenches the scarf in both hands, his knuckles whiten. He breathes into my blonde hair. Sparks fly from my inner core, bursting out from beneath my skin and into the atmosphere.

Avi, standing behind me not two seconds ago, now stands in front of me. His eyes, gleaming in the early sunset, stare into my pale metal blue eyes. There’s intensity between us that hums with electricity. Avi’s arms remain wrapped around my waist. He pulls me closer and I place my hands on his broad chest. His heart thumps beneath my hand; his body radiates an electrical energy. Avi leans in close to me, his cheek grazes across mine. I entwine my fingers together at the back of his neck, as Avi holds me close. Avi rests his forehead against mine and gazes deeply into my eyes. I can’t look away, our eyes are locked together. “Jess” Avi whispers. I don’t reply but keep staring into his brown eyes. “I never wanted to break up with you. I never wanted to hurt you.” Avi lets out a long sigh. “Watching you look so torn on the outside” Avi trails off, not finishing his sentence. He doesn’t have to; I already know what he’s going to say.

Avi takes a step away from me, releasing my from his strong hold. He lets go of one side of the midnight black scarf. “Come” He says. His emotions take control of his voice making it merely a whisper.

I follow, familiar of where he’s leading me. To our tree, the one near the crystal blue pond with the rocks on the far side. I stop and look behind me. A shadow in the shadow’s shadow follows us. Its silhouette is in the shape of a human, but that doesn’t mean anything. Avi stops a few meters ahead. He turns and looks at me. “Come on” He says. His face gives me no hint of emotion and that can’t be good. I follow on, not daring to look behind me.

We weave our way through the thick bush that leads us to the small pond. An uncomfortable silence lingers in the air. The narrow dirt path has had little use for the past few months, since Avi and I had broken up.

Avi walks up to our solid tree and sits on the second branch. I climb up the fat tree and I sit above Avi, my legs dangle next to his shoulders, gently swaying in the wind. “You want to know a secret?” Avi says.His voice gives no emotion, no indication of what he is feeling.

I sit up straighter “Only if you want me to know”

“If this secret is let loose to anyone, I will be modern history” Avi looks up at me, his expression is telling me that he is serious, deadly serious at that.

“Do you trust me enough to hold a secret like that?”

“Obviously, if I’m asking you if you want to know”

“What’s it about?” Avi doesn’t answer; instead, he slides off the branch and hits the ground with a thump.

“Come” He says. I climb down the tree and land swiftly on the hard dirt ground. Avi closes the space between us. “I’m going to tie you to the tree because you will run from me. Okay?” I nod slowly, unsure of what to say. Avi steps closer to me and I take a step back. For every step Avi takes, I take a step back.

My back rests gently against a narrow tree trunk. Avi steps in closer, our bodies press together and our breath mingles. He reaches around the narrow trunk of the tree and ties a knot in the silky scarf around my waist. He twists the scarf around the tree so the knot’s out of my reach. Avi kisses me softly on the lips and, as he steps away, looks deep within my eyes, deep within my soul.

He stops five meters away from me, where he remains to keep my eye contact. His fingers grip the hem of his white shirt, the one that makes him look really hot. He lifts it up and over his head, revealing his muscular body. His body, ripped in all the right places, glows in the sunset. He stands there for an instant than he takes a small step forward. He’s figure’s a blur as he charges at me at an inhuman speed. His body becomes clear when he stands directly in front of me, only inches from my body. My eyes widen in realisation and my heart races. He mumbles something to himself; the sweet sound compels me towards him. He compelling voice stops, his body stills, his back becomes rigid. His head snaps to the right and he stares intensely at something. I slowly drag my gaze away from Avi and his hot body. Oh god, he’s hot. I see the figure that lurks in the shadow’s shadow again. Only this time, its eyes glow a sickly green colour. It stares at us, Avi and me. It crouches down and leaps up into the air. Its motion is slow, than it’s gone. It’s like it was never there, like it disappeared.

Avi stares back at me. “Close your eyes.” He says stiffly. I close my eyes tightly. Avi caresses my cheek before his hand drops. “Please don’t be afraid of me.” He whispers

“Why would I be afraid of you?” I whisper back

“You’ll see, just wait.” He says. He brushes a strand of my hair behind my ear. His touch is so gentle, it’s like he thinks I’ll shatter.  A cold gust of wind whips across my body and I shiver in response. A jacket is immediately draped over my shoulders. Ocean and pine, Avi’s scent, surrounds me as I inhale, it cloaks me and I embrace it. “Open your eyes.” Avi’s voice sounds. It drums through my head, until finally, I open my eyes.

Standing in front of me is Avi. Well not really Avi, more like an angel version of Avi, if that helps. Avi stands in front of me with crimson red wings folded neatly behind him, his chest is bare and his jeans are slung loosely around his hips. Unable to say anything, I stand there in shock with my lips parted and my eyes stinging. I look at the distance between us and it doesn’t seem like enough. Space, I must have space.

Avi takes a step forward. The movement causes me to flinch. I look up and into Avi’s brown eyes, I see the hurt from me flinching, I see the hurt from me not speaking. All I see is the pain I have caused him. “Jess” Avi says. Pain is all I see in his eyes and a tear spills out from my eye. I had caused him this pain. “Let me explain.”

“No, you don’t need to” I say quickly

“Jess, please, listen to me.” Avi begs

“Why, so you can have the satisfaction of fooling with me again? I don’t think so”

“Jess, I not fooling with you. This is real and I couldn’t tell you because I didn’t have permission”

“From who, God?” I didn’t mean for it to come out of my mouth in a sarcastic manner, but it did.

“Yeah, basically” Avi says simply

“Wow, you really expect me to believe this is real.” I say astonished


“This is either a dream or a really feral joke, this isn’t real. Angels don’t exist”

“Not in the human world, but I am not from this world, or galaxy”

I close my eyes and rest my head against the firm tree trunk. My brain settles and my nerves cool.

“If I untie you, will you run?”


“Promise?” I nod. Avi steps closer and unties the scarf. It falls to the ground, forgotten. I walk towards our tree and sit on the bottom branch. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” Avi takes my hands and kneels in front of me. He pulls me towards him, hinting for me to kneel. I kneel on the ground, my hands still in Avi’s grip as I look into his eyes. Our entwined fingers fit perfectly together, like we were born to be together.  Avi drapes my arms over his shoulders and places his hands on my waist. He leans in closer to me and breathes into my hair. I drown in his ocean and pine scent, as I close my eyes. Avi kisses my cheek lightly. His lips linger near my cheek. I turn my head, wanting to look at him. Our lips, purely centimetres apart, shift closer and closer, eliminating the distance. My lips meet Avi’s half way and a passionate kiss is placed on my lips, the bitter-sweet taste of Avi fills me, embraces me.

The kiss hardens; it turns to one full of want, need. Avi’s kisses trail along my jaw and down my neck in an invisible path, one that only he can see. My stomach flutters with excitement. Avi’s kisses crawl back up and along my jaw. His kisses stop near my lips. Avi breathes heavily against my lips. My eyes drift open and instantly find Avi’s eyes. His beautiful chocolate brown eyes look back at me. Avi pulls me closer; his jaw gently rests against my forehead as I hug him.

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