Angels and Demons

Jess's heart had been broken by Avi and when he asks to take her somewhere, she doesn't realise that it will change everything between them and that there is always something that people really don't know about what's out there in the world. Jess has always been in love with Avi, as Avi has with Jess but the secret be able to be kept a secret or will it be a exposed to the world. The demons of the underworld will do anything to protect the secrecy of their existance and their enemies'. For if the angels' existance is released into the world, the existance of demons will be expected. They'll do anything to stop humans from knowing the truth. But what about half humans?


5. Learning

A gasp is locked in my throat. No, no, no I chant, it can’t be, this is impossible. Wings are sticking out of my back. I erupt from my sitting position and to a standing. I look at Avi, begging him with my eyes to tell me that I’m hallucinating, that I’m imagining the wings that are attached to my back. One look at Avi says that I’m not imagining this, that this is real. One moment when I want to be imagining something, I’m not. Understandable, but irritating. It’s annoying how I imagine something happening that is really good, but when I don’t want something to happen, it happens.

Avi stands and caress my wings with his fingertips as my thoughts run wildly though my head. “They’re beautiful, you know?” Avi says

I groan. “Why does my life have to become more difficult and why are you happy?”

“Because you’re a half angel and I can love you for eternity now” Avi smiles happily at me. I try and smile without it looking forced but it fails, really fails. Okay, it was a huge, massive fail, like getting a 10% on your exam, fail.

“You knew?” I ask. My voice cracks 

“I only got told about you being half angel two days ago and life is only going to get harder with those shiny black wings”

I groan again and throw my head back. “What do you mean by ‘get harder’?” I say. I eye him suspiciously and my eyebrows lower, casting a shadow over my eyes.

“You’re only half angel and have a soul, something that every angel and demon wants. To be acknowledged by the serpent, or the devil, your need to give him a soul. For the angels you need a soul to be known by other angels.” Avi says. He looks away from me for a second and smiles to himself. Jealousy and envy coloured his smile.

“You’re not going to take my soul are you? Because if you are, I’ll kill you before I give it over.” I pause. “What’s a soul?” I ask.

“A soul makes you who you are. It contains your faults and perfections. You can’t live without a soul, you need one to live, angels and demons are the exception to that. If someone took your soul.” He pauses for effect. “The serpent would get you and keep you for himself. You’d be his slave, for eternity.”

“Why am I a half angel?” I ask. I say the words slowly, with little emotion.

Avi sighs loudly. He runs his fingers through his thick dark hair. “Your mother is half human and angel but your father...” He sighs again, as if his next words would cause him pain.

“What?” I urge him to keep talking. I need to know, I have to know the truth.

“He is a demon” Avi finishes. His words cause a disturbing silence.

My father was a demon, a demon. It replays like a broken record, always bouncing back to the start. ‘But your father is a demon, but your father is a demon’ it goes on and on, never ceasing. My father is a demon, but he doesn’t define who I am, neither does my mother. I define me.


Avi pulls me to him and kisses my temple. His kiss brings me out of the trance. I look up at him; guilt fills his eyes to the very depth. “So how do I get rid of these wings?” My voice cracks, my eyes fill with many unshed tears. “I can’t go to school with these sticking out of my back”

Avi laughs softly into my hair. “I have a few ideas.”

“Care to share them?” I mumble. My words barely audible.

“When you calm down.”

“I am calm” I say. The tears slither away from my eyes and back into my body remaining unshed.

“Sure, but I know you to well” I pull out of his embrace. Pride is written all over his face when I look up at him. I cock an eyebrow and shake my head, not even bothering to argue.

“So what’s up with the red and black wings?”

“I have red wings because I’m a power, and to indicate that, they gave all of the powers crimson wings. I have to kill demons as a life style.” Avi pauses and takes a shallow breath before continuing. “You are a Seraphim angel so your duty is to supervise all angels, you’re the highest of all angels and your wing colour is black. A cherubim has white wings and answers the prayers of humans. A domination angel has purple wings and makes the guilty or innocent decision at Domination. The angels with orange wings collect the souls of the dead and are called virtues and the archangels have pink wings and do house work in heaven. Normal angels have yellow wings and maintain the cleanliness of heaven and Principalities have green wings and send messages to and from Earth angels to and to God.” Avi lets out a deep breath

“That’s a lot of information and I got nothing out of it.” Pride shines through my words.

“Nothing?” Avi asks. His eyebrows rise is surprise.

“Zilch, nil” I smile brightly.

“And you tell me that I take ego steroids”

“You do. I only speak the truth”

“Really?” Avi asks “Because last time I checked, when I broke up with you, you said you didn’t love me and yet you admitted to always loving me yesterday”

“You better stop taking your ego steroids and get off that pedestal that’s in your head before I knock you off it”

“Ha, ha, ha. I don’t believe you could manage to even push me over when I’m unbalanced” Avi says. Sarcasm laces his words. He wraps a darkly tanned arm around my waist. He leans towards me and breathes in my scent. His lips gently kiss my jaw and neck. He kisses my cheek before he turns my body towards him. I look up at him, wondering how I got this hot guy to myself. “Do you want to know how to retract your new wings?”  Avi asks. His voice rumbles through me, shaking my entire being like an earthquake.

“You’re going to tell me?”


“What? You serious?” I pause and scan his face for a sign, a sign that says that was a joke. “You’re not joking” I conclude

“Nope, I’m going to show you”

“Good enough”

“Follow” Avi instructs and shouldn’t I be the one that tells him what to do as I am higher in the hierarchy.


I follow Avi into the bathroom and watch cautiously as Avi turns the shower on cold.  He turns slowly and watches me with a gleam in his eyes before-

I’ll kill that little rat; he pushed me into freezing water. I sit up in the bath tub. Cold water chills my spine and small bumps rise on my skin. A chill runs up my spine and I shiver in response. I look up at Avi. His arms folded across his chest as he watches me glare at him. I imagine a hole burning through his skin and scorching him alive.

I stand and turn the cold water off. I step out of the shower as Avi walks out of the bathroom. “Since you owe me, could you get me a towel from the cupboard?” I ask. Avi stops midstride and turns to face me. He closes the distance between us in three long strides.

“I don’t owe you, you owe me. Your wings are no longer visible.”

I look over my shoulder to see no black wings. I look into his deep brown eyes. I move closer to Avi. I stand on my toes and my lips linger near his, teasing him. A sexy grin spreads across his face, as if he had read my mind and knows my plan.

He pulls me closer to him. His hands linger on my hips as he kisses my tenderly. My stomach has little black butterflies fluttering a thousand miles an hour; they even do back flips making me more excited. For what, I have no idea. But that’s half the fun.....isn’t it?

I wrap my arms around Avi’s neck and pull him closer to me.

My body burns with a fire that rages with fury, rages with need, want. It burns brightly deep within me.

I pull my lips away from Avi’s and hug him to me. His arms slip further around my waist and pull me even closer to him. “I love you” he whispers. My heart speeds up and thumps loudly in response. The butterflies intensify and swirl faster and faster.

“I love you too” I whisper back. His words float through my mind. I love you, I love you, I love you my heart flips and my brain turns to mush, if it wasn’t already.

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