Angels and Demons

Jess's heart had been broken by Avi and when he asks to take her somewhere, she doesn't realise that it will change everything between them and that there is always something that people really don't know about what's out there in the world. Jess has always been in love with Avi, as Avi has with Jess but the secret be able to be kept a secret or will it be a exposed to the world. The demons of the underworld will do anything to protect the secrecy of their existance and their enemies'. For if the angels' existance is released into the world, the existance of demons will be expected. They'll do anything to stop humans from knowing the truth. But what about half humans?


3. After the Beautiful Truth

Avi pulls away from me after sometime of kneeling on the leaf littered ground. He stands and, with his hands, brushes the leaves off of his jeans. He stretches out his hand and I take hold of it. He hauls me upward, embracing me in midair. Avi lips kiss my cheek before he sets me down onto the ground. He walks over to where his shirt lays forgotten in the leaves, picking it up he swipes it clean of any leaves. The scarf lies around the tree, forgotten. Avi’s hand rests on my lift hip and we walk together towards his jeep. The silence between us is torture; it’s killing me from the inside out. My heart thumps loudly in my chest. I rest a hand over my heart, hoping, praying that it won’t leap out and forever be gone. “So what happens now?” I ask. I want to kill the silence and this is the only non-violet way I can think of.

“Well, you and I can be together again and I have to remain as a secret to society.”

“Do you want to be with me?”

Avi stops and looks me directly in the eyes; his voice is soft with emotion. “Yes. Ever since I met you, I’ve wanted you, needed you.”

“I’ll take that as an answer” I say. I give Avi my mischievous grin.

“You look sexy when you grin like that”

I tilt my head to the right. “My friend said something like that once” I say

“Really, a guy or a girl?”

“A guy, he was just a friend though.” Avi doesn’t reply but starts to walk ahead of me. I stand for a second longer, wondering if he is jealous that I have a friend who’s a guy. I turn on my right heel and bound into a light jog to catch up to Avi. He takes my hand as I slow to a walk. I lean in close, our shoulders brush together, giving me a warm, tingling sensation.

Avi, being the gentleman sort of guy, opens the passenger seat door. He opens it widely. I climb into the seat and barely have my butt in the seat before a kiss is dropped onto my lips. I sling my arms around Avi’s neck, pulling him closer. One of Avi’s hands cups my cheek; his thumb caresses circles, while the other grips my waist. His grip is strong, but not hurtful. Avi leans forward even more, his cheek rests against mine. His heavy breathing sounds into my ear, his heart thumps in time to mine. “I love you and I missed you when we were a part” Avi whispers into my ear.

“Really? I thought that was only me.”

“No, that’s why I stayed away from you, I could breath around you.” Avi pulls away from me, looking into my eyes. “Come on, you need to get home.” I nod and turn in my seat to face forward. Avi closes the passenger door. He walks around the car and quietly climbs into his seat.

The car’s engine is started, it growls to life. I seat in the passenger seat, my head spinning. My elbow supports my heads weight and rests against the window. My head thoughts are making me dizzy. I groan quietly as I winch in pain. The pounding of my heart thuds up my body and into my brain, if I have one. I mean I haven’t had any proof to support me having a brain, so it might not be there. Very high chance it isn’t.

The thudding drums in my head. I take a deep breath, filling my lungs with oxygen. I breathe out slowly and, amazingly, the thudding quietens until eventually it’s not there. Neither Avi or I have spoken, the silence has been good, but now it’s starting to slowly crush me.

I gaze over to Avi and before any thoughts could come between my words and my mouth, I say “I thought you had stopped loving me, when we broke up.” Avi looks at me, but remains silent. I return to looking out the window before he sees the blush that’s building up in my cheeks. The side of the road becomes closer and closer to my door.  Avi’s pulling over, but why? The car slows to a halt and is turned off. I pretend not to realise, but I’m not fooling Avi, he’s too smart, like too smart for his own good, too smart. I am now mentally wishing taking back my words, but I’m still in the situation of Avi staring at me. This is not good, have I already used my three wishes. My genie must be scamming me; because I’m pretty sure I still had a wish left over.

The scenery that I was looking at falls away as the reflection on the glass, of Avi, fills my sight. Avi undoes his belt and shifts in his seat so he is facing me. Avi just sits there, watching me watch him, until he finally climbs out of the jeep and opens up my passenger door. He reaches over and undoes my seat belt. His arms wrap around my knees and he drags them towards him, spinning me around in the seat. He rest his hands on my knees, his eyes stare into my own. He leans in closer, his hot breath blowing across my face. “I never stopped loving you, never will and never could.”

He kisses me gently on the lips, but it soon turns into deep, explosive kiss. Avi lifts me out of the car and presses my body against the side of the car. Our bodies are pressed together tightly. My body moulds to Avi’s. My hands slip up Avi’s chest and loops around his neck. My lips are crushed to Avi’s. His lips trail to the side of my lips and, soon after, he kisses his way down my jaw and to the curve in my neck. I barely whisper his name but his lips curve in a smile. Avi’s lips connect with my lips again for one more passionate kiss. “We better go.” Avi says. His voice is silky against my lips. His chocolate brown eyes tell a different story, that he wants to stay here forever and never leave.

“Before my mum gets home.” Avi laughs, a husky but silky laugh. He kisses me one last final time before he takes a step backward. He walks around and gets back into the driver’s seat. I climb up and into the white jeep again and do up my seat belt.

“So what are you doing on the weekend?” Avi asks.

“Not much but I was going to go to the movies with friends but they cancelled.”

“So you’re doing nothing?”

“Yep, why do you ask?” Avi remains silent but I know he is thinking. The silence chills me to the core, for the remaining ride home there was a neck breaking silence.

Avi turns into my driveway, I surprised he still remembers where I live. The car is turned off I climb out of the jeep. The sky turns from a faded purple to a dull yellow. The sun sets in the west. The golden ball of fire hovers in the distance lighting up the world. I mentally thank god for it being summer, if not it’d be pitch black right now. My phone vibrates in my back pocket. I unlock it and instantly look at the screen. ‘New Message’ is written in big letters across the screen. I read the message, it’s from Sophia. ‘I saw u with Avi, don’t deny. I thought u hated him, watt happened 2 that?’ I reread the message. Well at least I read it right.

I hit reply and type ‘I never hated him, I had always <3ed him. Plz don’t make me explain.’  I walk up the stairs with Avi following. I slide the house key into the keyhole and push open the door. I drop my bag on the kitchen floor and go into the lounge room with Avi following me all the way. I sit on the couch, with Avi beside me. “Who’s texting you?” Avi asks

“Sophia.” Avi had never liked Sophia so I didn’t expect him to say anything. My phone vibrates again; bring my attention back to the phone. ‘You little bitch. You lied 2 me, ur bff. U little hag, I never want 2 c u again. Go hang with ur bf, bitch’ is typed across the screen. Avi snatches the phone out of my hand before I could react. I twist my torso around toward Avi, turning to look at him. He’s typing rapidly fast on my phone. I stare at him, wondering what he’s typing. Thank god, phones are created with a sent box. Avi presses one last button then locks it but he doesn’t give it back to me. He slips it into his pocket with his phone. “Give me my phone.”

“If it vibrates and it’s not Sophia, I will, but if not, no.”

“What time is it?”


“Mum won’t be home until ten thirty tonight.” Avi drapes an arm over my shoulders and leans back against the couch. I lean back to, but instead of leaning against the back rest of the couch, I curl up to Avi. My head rests on his rising and falling chest. Avi’s arm curls further around my shoulders and rests gently on my arm, and his other hand seeps across my stomach and over to my hip. My eyes close, but my mind and body don’t shut down.  Avi pulls me in closer, holding me tighter. This is what I want my life to be like for eternity. Noticing that my mind is shutting down, I open my eyes. “You look tired” I observe.

“I am, and so are you” Avi opens his eyes and looks down at me, his chocolate eyes begging me to stay. I kiss him on the cheek as I get up. Avi releases my body, but stands up too. Avi’s hand runs down my arm and to my hand. He caresses my knuckles with his thumb. Avi kisses me, our lips meet again. Avi places my hand on his shoulder. I slide my other hand up Avi’s chest and wrap it around his neck. Against his lips, I whisper “I need a shower.” Avi immediately lets go of my body. He nods his head in understanding as he steps back. “Come on.” I say hinting towards my room. I take his hand and drag him towards my room. I push open the door and walk over to my bed.  “Sit.” I tell Avi. He just nods again. I’m really starting to dislike that. I bend down and kiss him on the cheek. “I’ll be back in a minute.” I say. I turn on my heel and start towards my bathroom.

I open the door and close it behind me. I take of my clothes and turn the water on. I stand under the hot, steamy water for a few minutes taking in its warmth. I close my eyes and dip my head into the falling water. I quickly turn it off and dry my body. My pyjamas are draped over the towel rack; I reach for them and drop the towel to the wet floor. I put on the pyjamas and I tie my drawstring on my pyjama bottoms and tighten the straps on the singlet.

I walk out of the bathroom to find Avi staring out my window. His face is blank, not a good sign. “I had better go home.” Avi says. I walk over and hug him from behind. My cheek rests gently against his smooth bare skin.

“Stay here.” Avi doesn’t turn around, doesn’t nod.

“I’d love to but I-” Avi starts

I cut him off with my own words. “Stay, my mum won’t mind, and plus your too tired to drive. Or fly.” I add. Avi’s lips turn upright in a small smile with a small laugh attached. “Please?”

“If you get yelled at, it’s your entire fault.”

“Fine with me.” I say. I’m so pleased with myself. I release Avi and walk in front of him. I pull the curtains shut, to keep the neighbours’ lights out. I walk over to my desk and open my history workbook. I start reading my writing, revising for tomorrow’s test, while Avi takes his shoes and sock. No need to take the shirt off. That never got put on after he showed me his wings.

I hear the bed groan under Avi’s weight. I turn on my heel and look at my poor helpless bed, that poor bed. “My poor bed.” I say. I walk over to the light switch to turn off the light.

“Why is your bed poor?” I erupt into laughter, unable to control myself. I stumble over to the bed with laughter and lay down beside Avi. I pull the blankets over my body and curl up against him. His hand seeps around my waist pulling me closer. I rest my head against his bare chest. It rises and falls with every inhale and exhale. The steady beat of his heart thuds softly like a sweet lullaby. Avi rests his cheek against my head. I close my eyes and murmur “Thank you.”

“For what?” Avi whispers back

“Staying here tonight.”

“No problem. It’s beneficial for me.”

A small giggle escapes my lips. My brain shuts down and my body goes limp. I plummet into a deep dreamless sleep, while Avi holds me securely.

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