Angels and Demons

Jess's heart had been broken by Avi and when he asks to take her somewhere, she doesn't realise that it will change everything between them and that there is always something that people really don't know about what's out there in the world. Jess has always been in love with Avi, as Avi has with Jess but the secret be able to be kept a secret or will it be a exposed to the world. The demons of the underworld will do anything to protect the secrecy of their existance and their enemies'. For if the angels' existance is released into the world, the existance of demons will be expected. They'll do anything to stop humans from knowing the truth. But what about half humans?


4. A New Accessory

My eyes drift open. I blink several times to clear my vision and let my eyes adjust to the brightness of the early sun rising in through my window. Avi rolls over and hovers above me. A few locks of hair fall and drift over my cheek. Avi’s arms, on either side of my shoulders, are thick and muscular. His lips lower and gently cover mine. I lace my fingers together at the nape of Avi’s neck. Avi’s pulls away, his lips wait above mine, waiting to be kissed again. “Hello” Avi says. His voice is as smooth as silk to my ears. His breath slides across my cheeks, warming me.

“Hello” I say.

“It’s Friday, right?”

“Yep, so I only have to put up with Sophia and the gang for one day than I’ll be rewarded with a whole weekend.” I say. A wide grin creeps over my lips as I stare into Avi’s eyes.

“We should go to the pier. I haven’t been there in ages.” Avi says. His eyes beg me to say yes.

I nod my head in agreement. I bring Avi’s lips to mine and enjoy the blissful perfectness of this moment. Probably going to be one of the last since I’ll have to deal with Sophia, Margaret and another 6 girls who thought Avi was just a usual guy, using me only to look good. I just complemented myself.

I just thought of something. I’m a genius. Why didn’t I think of this before? I’ll tell my friends that I’m getting him back for using me, by using him. No, you’re right, that’s not going to work, Sophia’s to smart. She’d figure it out within the first week and tell everyone with her big mouth. Sometimes she really gets on my nerves. She’s smart but stupid. Smart enough to see through my act of revenge but stupid enough not to confront me privately. If she ever did confront me, I’d probably spill my guts out to her, be vulnerable to her.

I pull my lips away from Avi’s. “What are you thinking about?” He asks. He can see my hesitation, but he can also see my love for him.

“Just planning how to live another day.” I say.

“I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise.”

Avi rolls onto his back pushing me up into midair. His hands grip my hips gently as he holds me just above him. His arms enlarge as his muscles tense. Avi’s eyes ignite into a dark golden colour. A flame stirs in the depths of his irises; a hunger arises and moulds the flame into a hypnotic dance. His eyes glow a soft yellow-orange colour.

Avi’s arms bend as he lowers me. I kiss him slowly and passionately, letting a flame deep within me be released. My fingers rake through Avi’s dark hair as I’m flipped onto my back and Avi returns to hovering above me. I cup his cheek with my right hand. His smooth skin caresses my fingertips, his stubble scratches my palm.


Avi’s kisses increase and become hotter. His lips cover mine in a frantic search. It’s like getting to know someone but on a more intimate level.

My small body covers Avis’ as his arms circle around my waist and lower back. He kisses his way across my cheek, down my neck and along my shoulder. I roll off Avi and onto my side. I nestle my head against his neck and under his jaw. “We have to get dressed” I say. My eyelids become heavy. I can’t give into the fight of being asleep, I must stay awake. “Come on” I say. My enthusiasm is weak, really weak.

I slowly crawl out of Avi’s tight grasp around my waist. I hear a bone popping crunch as I swiftly walk away from Avi. I halt and turn my head to the side just in time to see a set of crimson red wings shot out of Avi’s shoulder blades. Good thing he wasn’t wearing a shirt, it would have been ripped to shreds.

Avi’s wings stretch out wide as I walk back over towards him in awe. He stands as I approach. I step to the side of him and gently touch his wings. They flutter in response. My eye catches a white spot. I run my fingers over the white spot and it falls loose. A small piece of paper drifts from side to side on its slow descend to the floor. I catch it in my hand and carefully open it. You are the shining light in my world, the one that will never burn out, that will forever burn brightly in my eyes. You bring out the best in me, you make me, well, me. I love you, for forever and always. I love you dearly, more than I should. You make me see the light in the darkness and forever will. I will never forget about you, you have been engraved into my heart and will forever scrawled across the small area. I walk back around Avi. My arms seep around his waist as I hold the paper out to him. It only takes him a few seconds to read it. A smile creeps across his perfectly sculptured face as he stares down at the paper. “You kept that out of that whole note?” I ask. There were so many other good parts in the note that I had written to him ages ago.

“I liked this part the most. Now you said something about going to school.”

“Yes, I did. We’re going to be late.” Avi groans and stretches out his arms. A blush crawls up and into my cheeks. I look away from Avi and bite my lip.

“You’re cute when you blush.” Avi says. Cheese and whiskers with salad on top, that was embarrassing.

I have a feeling that my cheeks are turning a deeper shade of red. Avi’s wings stretch out again, only extend out further and curl in around mine and Avis’ bodies. Avi’s smile still lingers on his perfect face, but grows wider as I lose my breath. Avi pulls me closer to him and kisses my lips deeply. I smile against his lips as I wrap my arms around his waist. His soft skin tingles my fingertips as I run my hands gently against his skin and link my fingers together. I look into Avi’s eyes. A hunger burns deep within him, waiting to be released. A flame dances hypnotically, swaying from side to side. The orange and reds mingle with the yellow centre.

Avi’s smile falters for a second and is replaced with concern. “You okay?”

“Yeah, come on. You want breakfast?”

“No, I can’t eat in the mornings”

“Same here, and mum always told me that I was the only one who didn’t eat breakfast, strange. Anyway, you got clothes?” I ask

Avi chuckles softly. I breathe in his scent, ocean and pine. My spine tingles at just the thought. The sweet smell encases me in its summery smell. “Apart from yesterdays, no.” Avi says. He pulled me away from my thoughts. Damn, I love being trapped deep in thought about Avi.

“You want clean clothes?”

“Why did I leave clothes here from before we broke up?”

“You know it” I tease. “You want them?”

“Depends” Avi says.

I walk over to the wardrobe, Avis’ eyes never leaving mine. His gold irises darken back to their original colour, dark brown. I open the double doors of my wardrobe and start looking. I open one of my drawers and reach over the back. “This might take a while” I warn. Avi laughs; his voice makes my spine tingle and my stomach flutter in excitement.

I put all my attention back into finding Avi’s clothes that have been mysteriously eaten by my wardrobe. Either that or I have an alien in my wardrobe that eats everything that I need desperately, than when I don’t need them, it vomits them back up. Disgusting, I know. Try owning my wardrobe, it’s even worse. But I keep scavenging through the endless space.

Being unsuccessful in finding the clothes, I step away from the area where everything mysteriously gets eaten and look at Avi. There is no way that I’m going back in there anytime soon. I close the doors on my closet and hold them closed. I have a feeling that everything’s going to spring out all at once.

Avi open and closes his mouth as if about to say something, than rethinking it. “What?” I say. My suspicion radar has hit the red and is ringing ‘warning, warning, warning’ repetitively.

“I think I know what clothes you are talking about and where they are.” I eye him as he speaks slowly. “Are you talking about the faded blue jean with a rip just above the knee and my favourite rip curl shirt?”

I nod as my suspicion rises to the maximum. The ‘warning’ siren grows louder in my head.

“Well, I think I saw it in that wardrobe of yours.” Avi finishes. I exhale the breath that I’d been holding and close my eyes. My head tilts back and hits the wooden door softly. I reopen my eyes and turn around. I reopen the doors of doom that reveal my wardrobe, if you can even call it that, and there on top of the contents of my ‘wardrobe’ sits Avi’s jeans and rip curl shirt. I breathe deeply to calm my nerves and grab the clothes. Avi bites his bottom lip trying not to burst out laughing, but his eyes show all the laughter that is bubbling within his being. I toss the clothes at him and retrieve my clothes from the wardrobe.

I shuffle into the bathroom and close the door behind me. I drop the clean clothes on to the cold white bathroom tiles. The coldness chills my feet to the bone. Goosebumps rise over my body. I replace my pyjamas with a clean white singlet and my favourite dark blue wrangler jeans. I slip my body into a button down blue checker shirt. I tie a loose knot in the soft fabric on my abdomen, letting the remaining fabric flow down to my thighs. I walk out of the bathroom and sit on cross-legged on my bed. I snatch my phone off the bedside table and turn it on. Avi sits behind me and encircles my body. His arms snake around my body, pulling me towards him. Something in my back twitches, pops and bursts out of my skin. I lean forward and turn to look at Avi, but my vision is blocked with black with white flecked material. I raise my hand and my fingertips hover over the material.

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