Angels and Demons

Jess's heart had been broken by Avi and when he asks to take her somewhere, she doesn't realise that it will change everything between them and that there is always something that people really don't know about what's out there in the world. Jess has always been in love with Avi, as Avi has with Jess but the secret be able to be kept a secret or will it be a exposed to the world. The demons of the underworld will do anything to protect the secrecy of their existance and their enemies'. For if the angels' existance is released into the world, the existance of demons will be expected. They'll do anything to stop humans from knowing the truth. But what about half humans?


1. Seeing Isn't Always Truthful

A broken heart with a shattered soul leaves me as nothing but a mindless zombie, walking the earth for eternity. Unable to trust anyone but myself, but even then I have my doubts. I had trusted him with my heart, my soul, all once held in the palm of his hand. He’d crushed me, so I was nothing. My heart punches my ribs with every thud. It aches and throbs, revenge for letting it forever be broken.  My soul lies somewhere on the ground, in a million pieces like a valuable jewel that’s just been dropped, unable to be fixed, now rubbish.

My legs buckle under my thoughts and emotions, I sit in the quiet school corridors of my school with my back against a locker. My head swirls around in circles. Emotions about Avi still linger in my head, haunting me, killing me, piece by bloody piece. He’d lied, he’d cheated, he’d fooled me and all on my own I had believed him. The lies about how much he’d loved me and wanted me, all nothing but lies. I’d loved him and he’d crushed me like a bug. The emotions I’d felt, emotions that I’d thought he’d felt too, all nothing but pathetic lies. Lies, people always get caught in their lies, for love, hope, and acceptance and in the end it does nothing but ruin you.

My thoughts are ruined by the soft echo of footsteps. I stand up quickly, regaining my emotions, and swivel around so I now face my locker. The footsteps stop at the end of the hall and proceed towards me. I slam my locker door shut and walk away from the echoing footsteps, knowing all too well who they belong to. I put my back to the girl’s bathroom door and push against it. I walk in and drop my books on the tiled floor. I look in the mirror for the first time in days. I stare at the unfamiliar face staring back at me, unsure of what to think of her.


Avi’s dark brown eyes gaze into my pale blue eyes from across the hall. Our eyes lock together; unable to be broken. My best friend, Sophia, drags me through the thickly crowded corridor and into the bathrooms. “Okay, please tell me that you’re going to get over him, ‘cause you’re starting to worry us, girl. He broke your heart, made a fool out of you. Is that the type of guy you want to be with?”

“Sophia” I say “I’m not over him but” I trail off.

Sophia storms out of the bathroom but before she completely shuts the door she says “I thought you were smarter than that. He broke you in two and wasn’t even the slightest bit sorry for it.” She stands there for a second longer than leaves my sight.

I sigh loudly, knowing she’s right in so many ways than one. I back closer to the cold wall and slide my back down it. I wrap my arms around my tan legs, holding them close to my chest. I rest my cheek against my right knee and stare at the clean white tiles.


Avi gazes into my eyes as he walks towards me in the schools car park. I open my midnight blue Utes door and toss in my school bag. Closer and closer he comes and finally he’s standing right in front of me. “Can we talk?” Avi asks

“Hmm” I pause for a second “no”


“Do you need to know?” I reply. I raise my eyebrow to show my arrogance. He knows me well enough to recognise it as a sign of being pissed off.

“Don’t answer my question with a question”

“Why not? Don’t like it like me”

“Jess, you know why I broke up with you and it wasn’t because I didn’t like you”

“That’s not what it looked like to me when you were kissing another girl in the middle of the school hallway”

“Jess” Avi growls. His frustration crawls through his growl, he’s annoyed. He runs a hand through his thick brown hair and looks me straight in the eye. “Jess” he starts. His tone softer this time. “let me take you somewhere and I’ll tell you everything”

“No” I say simply

“No?” Avi asks in confusion

“No” I confirm

“Sweet, I’ll pick you up at six tonight. Okay?” but before I could respond, Avi jogs over to his white jeep and drives away. I growl, angry at myself for forgetting that he misinterprets things but I think that’s just his personality.

I climb into my Ute and reverse out of the car space and drive out of the school property. I drive through a small town near Jacksonville. The streets are quiet and bare as I drive through it. My heart speeds up as I look in the rear-view mirror. A black sedan follows me and constantly checks his mirrors. I accelerate and put my Ute up a gear.  The sedan copies, always just behind me.


I pull into my driveway and watch my rear-view mirror for the black sedan. I wait patiently until I have waited for ten minutes.  I slowly open my door and climb out. Well, looks like my detour worked. I had always thought those back roads would never come in hand, but well, I was wrong. Don’t ever expect me to admit that ever again because you won’t have a hope.

I close the door quietly, knowing all too well that mum will be asleep. I slide the key into the door and lock it, the light flash on than off. I step away from the car and turn towards the house. I start hiking up the flight of steps. “Hey” I stop to turn and see Kane.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

“Can’t I come and see my favourite neighbour and say hi?”

“No, because you want something”

“How’d you know? Clever girl”

“Don’t know, lucky guess?”

“Nah, you’re too smart to guess” he flashes me his ‘sexy grin’

“Really, because last time I checked, I was getting forty-seven percents in science. Is that what you call smart?”

“Do you want an answer?” Kane asks.He raises one eyebrow in question.

“Do I want to know the answer?” I ask with a smidge of arrogance

“Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on your mood”

“What do you mean?” I ask. I sit on the third bottom step, watching Kane closely.

“Don’t worry”

I stare at him, my eyes narrowing to thin slits.

“Bye” I watch Kane as he walks away. His shoulders are hunched over. His golden locks of hair blow viciously in the wind. I sit on the steps, watching Kane walk away.


My cell phone chimes its message melody. I look at the ID, Avi. I mentally groan and growl as I stand up and unlock my cell. ‘U ready?’ is written on my screen.

I press the ‘reply’ button and type ‘hang on, getting dressed.’ I barely wait barely five seconds before another chime comes.

‘I can help, on a non-beneficial level’

‘Ha ha ha, funny guy u r’ I reply while I realise that he just commented me

‘I am, aren’t I?’

‘Oh god, self-centred much’

‘Yeah, but isn’t everyone?’

‘Maybe’ I reply. I pull out my favourite pair of wrangler jeans. The gems on the back pockets sparkle and reflect the light in shades of blue, green, purple and white. I button up the jeans and scavenge through my draws for a shirt. I pull one out from the bottom of my second drawer. A black shirt with white frills down the front. I open my door to find Avi. He stands in front of me in a white shirt, that stretches around the arms to accommodate his biceps, and a pair of faded blue jeans with a large cut just below his right knee.

“You ready?” Avi asks me. His voice is merely a whisper. I nod and step out and into the hallway. Avi takes my hand in his and walks beside me as we walk together towards the staircase. I tromp down the stairs and reach for the front doors handle. My hand is yanked away from the door and is replaced with Avi’s. I turn my head and look up at Avi with an eyebrow raised. He doesn’t acknowledge me in the slightest; instead he swings the door open and pushes me out. It’s so fun being pushed around. I’m enjoying every second of it, that’s why I’m frowning.

Avi opens his passenger door for me. I climb up and into the spacious jeep. Avi closes my door and climbs into driver’s seat. He doesn’t start the car. Instead, he sits stiffly while deep in thought. “Are we going?” I ask. The last of my patience drains out of me as I speak.

“Yes but first, put this on.” Avi hands me a black silk scarf. It’s as black as a cloudy night’s sky. I look at him with one eyebrow raised in question. He shakes his head slowly before saying “turn around, it’s a blindfold”

“Really? I thought it was a scarf” Avi groans in response and I give him my ‘I’m innocent’ smile.

“Turn around” Avi commands me. His wish is my command. Not really, it just sounds cool and I like genies. “I’ve forgotten how frustrating your can be”

“I’m not frustrating, I’m fun” Avi laughs, his voice rumbles through the jeep and into my ears. I would glare at him, but I’ve got a blindfold being tied around my head, so really, I can’t.

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