1. Castle of Doom

Deep in the magical woods the sky was bright blue. The pink melody birds were singing. The flowers smelt of vanella berry, the spicky grass was so shiney I could see my reflection. The meadows were bright and colourful, a rainbow had shown out from the sky. The river flown smoothly along the paths. All of a sudden the bright blue sky turned pitched black, the melody birds stopped singing and thats when I knew the time had come.

It had been told in many stories that it was I who had to save the world. The only way to save the world was to get to the Castle of Doom and place the silver ring into the tube before sunset. I only had one hour left, I needed to quicky get the ring and the map from the Oak tree. It was so dark I couldnt see anything i took out my light glasses and heading off. Just as I crossed the river I could see the Oak tree among all the other trees which were turned into ashes. the Oak tree was bright green. I ran as fast as I could. At the bottom of the tree I could see a blue button. As I pressed it a branch from the tree shot out, the golden rolled up map came out and the silver ring fell onto my shoe. The ring was made out of diamonds.

I looked at my watch I only had 15 minuites left. I took out the map and placed it flat on the ground. It was a map of the magical woods , it showed me where I was and where I needed to be. The castle wasnt far from here only a few miles away. I sprinted as fast as I could until I reached the doors of the castle. I quickly took out my sword to break the doors open.

I had only under 5 minuites left I rushed up the stairs as fast as i could, running from door to door trying to find the right room. At last I found it, only a few seconds left I pushed the ring into the tube a huge bright light appeared pushing me back against the wall and suddenly everything turned black.

As I opened my eyes, I was back in the woods lying on the floor. The black sky turned back to bright blue again. The birds were singing again everything was bright and colourful again. Ive done it. Ive brought like back in the world.

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