is this the end of my life

this story is not true. it tells people what happened about a young girls life what was ruwend but was better in the futer. it took time but was better


5. the police came to help

i was walking to school and all of a sudon kerry anne and he robots where  following. i ran but she got me. she shouted t me saying trying to run off are we. i didnt answer. she said "  open your hand" so i did she put s lighter in my hand with some cotton. i told her no, but all she did was threten me, so i just had them. then then had gone. i got my handy phone out and put in 999, i rang the police they was on there way for the bully she was on her way. she came into school and got her out of class and took her down to the police station. she admitted what she done. 2 months in prison for that bully.

her life came back to normal. her friends where back and they had a good life with out KERRY ANNE 


                                                thats the end of my bully story for now


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