is this the end of my life

this story is not true. it tells people what happened about a young girls life what was ruwend but was better in the futer. it took time but was better


3. the force.

i was sitting on my own on the field in school. i felt relaxed. nobody was around, untill kerry- anne and her gang bashers came. they told me to stand up. i refussed and turned away. they took my bag and ran off, like they where robots being cotrolled by a evil witch. she pulled my hair and dragged my up with a big pull. i wanted to cry. bits of my hair ws comming out. she said in a deep angre voice " i want you to do somethink for me. if you refuse then i will do somthink to you!! GOT IT !!!!!!! " well what is it and if i dont do it then what will happen to me ??  " i want you to kick the teacher then screeem at the head also push tables over, thought pens at each other . smash the windows oh and one last thing s i dont want to stay in these old rags, BURN DOWN THE SCHOOL, if you dont then i will though you in the water down by the park so then you can be with your mum up in the bleeding sky....  so will you do it ? i need to think i will do it tomorrow !!!! OK AND MAKE SURE YOUR HERE ER IM COMMING AFTER YOU.............


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