is this the end of my life

this story is not true. it tells people what happened about a young girls life what was ruwend but was better in the futer. it took time but was better


2. devil girl strikes again

it was first period and i had English with kerry-Anne. i had to parten up with her. i told Mr fag-git i didn't want to. All he did was shout at me it felt like i had nothing, everyone was ganging up on me. I just done it ,i had to pare up with her for the whole lesson. i didn't talk i just sat there.she said i was a slut and dumb all because i didn't talk. i just ignored her. she started to shout at me. she shouted louder then a tv put on full blast. my ears poped. i dont deseive this. i deseive better than a bully.........


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