is this the end of my life

this story is not true. it tells people what happened about a young girls life what was ruwend but was better in the futer. it took time but was better


1. how it started !!


Hey, my name is April, and i am 14 years old i live with my nan and grandad as my dad abused me  And, my mum died in a car crash.

It was the first day back at school in year 9. I was so excited to see my best friends again, as it was 6 weeks with not even seeing them.

When i met up with Courtney and Emilia they was being funny with me. I asked them what was wrong. They didn’t answer. So i just walked to class with them. I thought in my head. What is the matter with them? Have i done something wrong?

After a whole hour of English i went to see them at their class. They were with a girl called Kerry-Anne. When they came out of their class and I walked down to them. Kerry- Anne told me to go to my mom’s grave. I ignored her. She hurt me down below my feelings but i didn’t show her that she did. Courtney stared at me and laughed. I walked off with my head down low. They all called me names as i walked off. They said i was fat, sket, ugly, smelly and a rat but non off these words hurt me. I remembered what my mum sang me before she died “sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt”. I needed to talk to someone, someone that won’t laugh or tell people.


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