The escape

Me and my freinds were captured as children 15 years later we escaped


2. The rage

Five years after we were captured Usei became a very skilled swordsman and was going to join one one of King Krill's knights but one night a thunder storm brewed the kings knights rushed into the town and broke into a hut and grabbed a sleeping figure and killed it. It was the wise one he was dead. At an instant the storm stopped. The morning after his slaughtered body was just lying there. Everyone gathered round. Suddenly a rage built up inside of me and a ring of fire surrounded me I looked at Damira and a wave of water flowed around her and around Sousa there was parts of the earth. Years later we had matered our powers and Usei was as good a swordsman as ever were devised a plan to escape and free the villagers from King Krill's wrath.
We all went to the gates of the town and with one swing of his sword he carved a hole in the gate but the was. 12 guards outside Sousa used his powers to lift a tree in the air and I fired a ball of flames at it and he threw it at them and Damira swiftly put it out with a blast of water they were gone. They ran away from the town until they reached a lake Sousa placed a tree across the river and they crossed Usei used his axe to chop through the tree and it plunged to the bottom? The adventure home started but what happens next?
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