The escape

Me and my freinds were captured as children 15 years later we escaped


3. The Dessert and the dragon

We wallked for hours until we needed to find a safe place to sleep we woke up the a thumping sound and the ground was viabrating. I opened my eyes and there was a Ladon dragon Damira flung a blast of water and the dragon retaliated by breathing fire at the water then Sousa threw an giant rock onto its body and I set fire to Usei's wooden dagger he stabbed it into its chest.
Damira fainted we all went ran over to her I tried to light a fire but my powers wouldn't work! My mouth was really dry i looked in the bag we packed but all of the bottles were empty.
"we need to get out of here and fast we have no water and King Krill's will catch up soon we trekked through the dessert and after a day of walking we reached the edge of the dessert and I spotted a lake in the distance and we all ran as fast as we could. We could all finally have a drink. We were almost there but was the biggest obsticale still waiting for us?
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