The escape

Me and my freinds were captured as children 15 years later we escaped


1. The day

I was just 10 when me and my 3 freinds were kidnapped by the knights of Castinus it was a foggy day and we were in the woods we heard rustling inbeetween the trees and it all went black when i woke up we were facing King Krill.
"Were are we?" my freind Sousa asked the king he replied instantly
"You're in the castle of Castinus I am king krill,"
"Let us go now!" Demanded Usei (one of my other freinds)
"No you will work in our town for the rest of your time. " He answered
"Why do you want children ?" I asked
" You're easier to capture and you won't stay children forever." The king replied
We were taken to a dungeon were we stayed for weeks until one day we were released. It was the opposite of what I imagined it was beautiful. I turned my head and gazed at the castle it was made out of grey stone it was so tall it looked like a giant over looking the town. We wondered into the overcrowded market people started to stare at us a woman holding a baby told us to go to the wise one and then scurried off suddenly the market place emptied except one old man at the other end.
"Is that that the wise one that woman spoke of ?" asked Damira
"I don't know let's ask," I answered we tiptoed over
"Excuse me are you the one they call the wise one?" Damira cautiously asked
He kept his back turned an replied
"Yes I am so you are the new ones?"
"Yes we're we're told to go to you by a woman," Usei replied
"Every single person was captured in this town you see in the beginning I was the first person but know there are lots of people here we all live in peace know go."
Suddenly the maket place filled up once again.
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