Disabled me !

this is a story about a young disabled boy who is trying to over come the stigma of being labeled a disabled.
going to a normal school was hard enough for him when it got even harder when he started to get bullied.
this is a story of how he met a girl and managed to over come the bullies before tragedy strikes...


4. the ending .....

hi my name is tomas and i was just a 15 year old who had to sides. i know we have all heard the saying 'never judge a book by its cover' well thats what you have all done to me. before you could no my inside, you all judged me for my outside. i was bullyed for 3 years by all you lott who beat me up yesterday. i had a major head injury and loss off allot of blood. but dont worry because im in a better place now where its just like home. i dont get bullyed up hear or judged for who i am. oh and by the way i no the name of the girl who brocken the spell to my horrid world. her name was clair ebony jones. dont worry claire i will see you another day. so thats it, thats how i got bullied because i was disabled and different to everyone else. so just remember dont judge a book by its cover because the cover doesnt show the full story. 


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