Disabled me !

this is a story about a young disabled boy who is trying to over come the stigma of being labeled a disabled.
going to a normal school was hard enough for him when it got even harder when he started to get bullied.
this is a story of how he met a girl and managed to over come the bullies before tragedy strikes...


2. my first days of school...

Any other day i would be up early and ready to start the day, but it was just today that i just wanted to lay in my bed and just stay in bed. it was my 1st day of high school. I remember that feeling that i had when i first started primary school. i don't know why? it must just be because of making new friends and playing with the toys with out a care in the world.

    It was year 1. i was sitting in class like a normal pupil doing my work. I would play football at break time with a few of my mate. I was never popular in school really just had the right amount of people around me. year 2 aproched me fast. A new change. i got up early, had my wash with my mom helping me, brushed my teeth, grabbed my school bag and off we went in my wheel chair. Me and mom use to catch a taxi everywhere we went because of my disability, but now that my school is down the road we walked it. I would get out of my wheel chair all excited to see my friends. We would do allot of things like play football,sit on the same table for each lesson, eat dinner together. I felt like i was loved by these people. This would happen all the way through to year 6. The same routine every day. 

    Year  6 came as a halt. Things weren't the same no more. My friends where with other people, would not even look at me. in lessons they wouldn't sit next to me, i was on my own. Half way through it i started to get funny looks from them as if they never new me. As if i was a an alien. 

    Lying in my bed i was just thinking about them moments in year 6 and wondering how i was going to face this nightmare. It wasn't like i was going to a small school with only a few kids, it was a majorly big school with hundreds of kids in there! I just strolled out of bed and did the routine. The time of terror began...

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