Disabled me !

this is a story about a young disabled boy who is trying to over come the stigma of being labeled a disabled.
going to a normal school was hard enough for him when it got even harder when he started to get bullied.
this is a story of how he met a girl and managed to over come the bullies before tragedy strikes...


3. high school ....

its my first day of year 7 in oakchester high. as i walked through the gates i got stared at buy alot of people. i felt emmbarrased,ashamed of who i was. boys would walk past me and laugh at me. 1st lesson came, i noticed whispering throughout the whole class , there was staring to. i got up to get a pen from the frount of the room. i was right at the back so when i walked to the frount it felt like i was walking through a mile of mud dragging me down. one girl stood up( i think her name was jaylo) and she folloed me forward. she shuved me out the way. i fell to the floor. everyone laughted. i walked out with a trail of laughts slivering behind me trying to think that if this is what the 1st day in school was like then what would all the rest be like. this was like i was locked in a big room where the right person hat to come along and break it open. 

    later on in year 7 this got worse. the shuving, the laughting, the staring, i coulnt take it no more. 

i didnt go to school for most of year 8. mom payed for me to have a years worth of home teaching. i loved it i wasnt judge by who i was. i was just me. 

now, im in year 9 and its my 1st lesson. history. i hate this lesson. this is the one lesson that i get bullied bad in. i walk in slowly, trying not to get noticed but it was to late! '' is that a spaz thats jus walked in?'' i heard off one person in the class. this started a whole conversation about me. thoughts was just running through my head about what i would say if i had the guts to.      '  is that why you take the mick out of me, pl;ace me into another catogry of your choice, is that  why or am i just an easy target for you to shot your bullet in to every second''but i new i couldnt say them because it would just become gaga 

   its is break now. i was just sitting on the bench glaring around at the people playing football , knowing that i use to be able to play that in year1 upwards. it brought a tear to my eyes. the sun shine around me became dark gloomy shadows around me. as i force my hands to wipe those tears away and lean my head up i notcice people. people tha wasnt goin to help me get up and play football, listen to my problems but people who are going to take the mick out of me. i stood up getting sick of this. getting sick of them using me as an easy target. i try to speak whats on my mind, tell them how i fell. the more i tryed the more slurred and gaga the words came out. '' hey everyone hoppa boys trying to speak'' he called everyone over to watch as thoses slers keep coming out my mouth. what none of them understand is that im nothing more than they are ive just got a disabilitie thah i can never get rid of. 

after all this happened a girl came up to me in school. she was beautiful, kind, caring. she was the key to the lock on my big room that i was stuck in. she ask me how i was and helped me to my lessons. she stopped with me for the next few days. this didnt stop the bulling though. she just told me ignore them all and just to be my self. 

it didnt help that much. i got beatern up later that after noon... 

the next day i came to skuwl with a black eye, walking more funnier than i was before. i had bad gut pains that lasted all day getting worse. i started righting the learning objective off the board when my hands started to shake. like i had viberaters injected in me. my eyes stared to roll to the back of my head. she saw me 1st and belowed phone an ambulance. i heard people screaming and crying but beofre the ambulance can i was gone. 

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