Disabled me !

this is a story about a young disabled boy who is trying to over come the stigma of being labeled a disabled.
going to a normal school was hard enough for him when it got even harder when he started to get bullied.
this is a story of how he met a girl and managed to over come the bullies before tragedy strikes...


1. the 2 sides of me

i know i have 2 sides to me. The inside and out. inside,there is a normal 15 year old boy who is just as good as any other teenage boy out there. Then there's the outside. A 15 year old boy who is not able to do the same as these boys out here. But they all think that my inside is the same as my outside. Just this disabled boy who cant seem to do the same as everyone else. 

   At home is where i know i can feel safe, feel like someone normal. there are people who help me there and people who i can talk to when ever i need someone to just listen and understand what i have to say. I know that there is no name calling, feeling down, being labeled as a disabled, trying to fight it on my own. none of that. I just wish that it would be like this every day. 

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