My Ramblings

Well this is all the things that really annoy me in education and why. Its really a rant ot get things off my chest :D. I will add more when I think of them. This is more realted to teenagers though. Enjoy...


10. Sluts

Right Sluts! Heres one for you.

Sluts meaning girls that flirt and or sleep with any guy within arm length. When I say any guy, that is ANY guy, with or without a girlfriend!

They normally look a mess. Their faces are as orange as wotsits and thick black eyeliner and mascara, which must weigh a ton on there eyelids. Under the mask of makeup they are usually incrediably spotty and not attractive one bit. It's just an illusion!

Their hair is back combed like every other girl in 'the popualrs' and they pull that duck pout a lot. In their facebook photos they are normally pulling a pout in every photo. It would suprise me if they were not.  

They buy skirts that are more mini than a mini skirt. Everyone sees the horrors of when then bend over! But nobody says anything, I do and now most don't like me, but I don't want to see what colour their knickers are!

They wear tops that reveal a bit to much chest for my liking, but boys lock in on that. They are like leeches gathering round girls like that. I wish they could see what I and most non sluts see and they will realize how horrific they looks.

Now you would think all girls would have some class and do stuff like losing their virginity and things like that somewhere private eg; a bedroom at at least over 16.

Oh no there is nothing of any class of a slut. The bush at the end of the school field will do them or in a park or an ally at about 14. Classy!  Why do you have the need to do all that stuff at 14 like seriouly save yourself for that one special boy.

They always carry comdoms in their school bags and when teachers ask to search their bag they ask some other girl to 'look after' them for her. Don't have them in there in the first place stupid!

It is so annoying, boys don't see through their outer shell. They seriously do see and think with there penises at times! They are so blind, girls that wear minimal makeup or no make up are beautiful and they are the ones with out boyfriends. This is because the slags have about 20 boys each and their are normally a lot of slags in schools!

Girls don't ever envy the sluts they are to fake and sexualy active at 14, why would you envy that?. No girl should ever be like that. And if you are jealous of them getting all the boys, wait, don't say you need a boyfriend. Boys will come when they are more mature, give them time, you will find your special boy.

Sluts, listen up if you are reading this, why do you want to be like this, it is not worth it, slow down and enjoy life like any other ordinary girl, it's better trust me.

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