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Well this is all the things that really annoy me in education and why. Its really a rant ot get things off my chest :D. I will add more when I think of them. This is more realted to teenagers though. Enjoy...


3. Labeling

Well this has happened to anyone who has been through education in any school and I tell you what it pisses me off!

Labeling is when you put people onto groups and and name them. The labels in my school are;

Chavs, popular boys & girls or 'The Populars', IT geeks, Nerds, Semi Populars, Indi, Punks, Emo's, Goths, Anime Group, Upperclass, General Weirdo's, Losers, Slags, Man Slags, Bitches, I Love Myself Group, The Football Players, Screamo Group and the Dramatics. I know what you are thinking, theres lots!

But Chavs, The Populars, Upperclass, Slags, Man Slags, Bitches, Football Players, Dramatics and I Love Myself generally hang round together in one big group. All they do is bitch about people they don't know, pick on the less superior and love themselves A LOT. They are the most selfish people know to man kind. They act dumb and expect every one to love them and be jealous. Bitches you will be the ones who will be living in a council flat with 27 cats, when us 'less superiour' will get the jobs and be happy with our lives, so shut the hell up and focus on your goles in life because you are not going to get them when you flunk tests and end up failing your GCSE's. And seriously stop copying other peoples work, everyone knows you do it!  Speak to the people you bitch about and get to know others that arn't just in your group, and try to focus on something other than yourselves because it might suprise you how much you know if you think about it.

The semi popuars are the people that speak to everybody and that everybody gets alone with. They focus on getting things done and also having a good and respected social life. In the group there is a mixture of people with different characteristics. For example one might be very dramatic when another might be incredibly funny. It's a very mix and match group, not every one will get along with each other but that's what makes the group. Theu are the group with most of the naturally pretty girls and that the boys will swoon over when they become more mature. Be friends with as many as these as you can for they will help you get through the bad times and make the good times better. If you are one of the semi populars get to know the 'unpopulars' and invite them into your group it will give them the self confidence they need to reach their full potential. 

The IT Geeks, Nerds, Losers, Anime Group and The General Weirdo's hang round together. They all hang around together generally in classrooms, corridors, librarys and computer rooms. They all seem to suport each other through the bullying. But they are just misunderstood. They are one of the nicest groups of people, just because they are smater than others or know a bit more, they are no different.  If you are one of these people don't be shy and restrict yourself to just the group you feel confortable in, go and speak to others, be brave! Ignore the bullyies they do it because they are jealous of what intelligents you have, because they are as thick as a plank of wood. You are the ones that will exeed in life, not them. Keep your chins up!

The Emo's, Goths, Screamo Group and Indi's seem to hang around in lots of small groups dotted around the school site. Weird, because you all like music and you never consider merging together. You all seem to be in groups of about six people. Why don't you join with the others. You could share your intellect with other's in your small groups to get a wider understanding of each other. I think you would be better as a larger group, you could help and support each other if you are depressed or upset.  Try speaking to the 'unpopulars' and 'semi populars' they can also help you a lot too.

But I don't get why these labels are here in the first place. As soon as you start school they are there preventing you to do what you want. I say we should mingle with other groups get to know them. If we all did it maybe the lables will end up disappearing for ever, because they are BULLCRAP! Who give the rule of 'The Populars' HAVE to bully the 'unpopulars' I don't get it.  WE ARE ALL THE SAME, SAY NO TO LABELING! 



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