My Ramblings

Well this is all the things that really annoy me in education and why. Its really a rant ot get things off my chest :D. I will add more when I think of them. This is more realted to teenagers though. Enjoy...


8. Diets

Wll this chapter isn't really a rant it is more for help and for girls to understand about dieting. I know I am young to give aid and help, but I have seen people and trieed to support them. And maybe it is easier to hear it from someone from a similar age group...

Girls this mainly relates to you, DIETS!

So I know we all have those friends that hate there body and feel the need to diet, I know I have some. Well to be honest I think they are CRAZY. Why on earth do you want to go on a diet at the age of 14?

Most girls go on diets to lose weight but you wont lose any if you don't do any more exercise! You think you cna reduce your portion amount and that will make you lose weight. But not doing enough exercise won't burn the calories. So don't diet just do more exercise!

There are girls saying they are going to go on the water diet. When you drink mostly water and not much solid food. This is really bad for you stomach and it just silly! I even know girls who calorie count at 14! The are so persice they even what to know how many calories are in 1 grape! Like seriously? Please if you are like this get help, it isn't all to smart. I know it is hard to deal with it but it will change your life for the good. Trust me!

But I don't see the point like we are still growing and changing so there is not much point. Start dieting when you are fully developed it really won't benefit you much now.

I understand you looking in magazines and thinking OMG I want to look like her, I know it it really depressing because I do the exact same thing! Or you look at girls that are really thin and think I would love to look like that. And in PE you compair the size of your legs to every other girl. I and most other girls do that to. But you will never look like the girls in magazines unless you starve yourself, leading to becoming Anorexic, and that is really unatractive. Or get air brushed. They don't look like that in real life, most of the time. And if any of you girls feel the need or do starve yourself get some help. Being Anorexic is a disease and is NOT a fashion statement! And I know it is bad comparing yourself to other girls but it something you automaticaly do. So I suggest you BELIEVE that you are the same as her or even better (do this in our head) and it will give you the self confidence you need. Trust me!

Think of Adele, alright we may not all like her music be I belive she is the start of a new media image. She is curvy and basicaly a bigger woman, I tell you what I prefer that so I don't feel self consious. And you should feel the same way girls! Bigger is better and I would think boys would like there women to have curves insted of a strait up and down.

Girls comment if you have ever felt insecure and I promise you others will feel the same. We all need to suport each other because no matter how big or small you are you are still beautiful in your own way. And do get some help if you are starving yourself because your heath will rapidly go down. Hope this gave a bit of support and aid. Thanks.


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