My Ramblings

Well this is all the things that really annoy me in education and why. Its really a rant ot get things off my chest :D. I will add more when I think of them. This is more realted to teenagers though. Enjoy...


1. Fakes

Well the first thing that pops to mind is fake people. I am still in education so I see a lot of this. And I tell you what it is the most annoying thing ever. Here's why...

It is generally girls and there normaly 'the populars' or 'want to be populars.' They are the ones with the blotchy fake tan, the birght orange foundation and the one that the boys drool over. It also annoys me that all the boys don't see how fake they are and how beautiful natural girls are. It makes no sence! They lose there virginity at like 14 and my bets are they will all end up becoming pregnant by 18. They put on the act of dumb, when clearly they could answer the flipping question. One girl asked where the queen lives, yeah she lives in a bin, like seriouly how stupid can you get,  Buckingham Palace numpty! OMG! and there the ones that get like 1000000000+ like on there profile pictures on facebook and comments like 'omg stunning', like seriously she looks like a duck pulling a pout. Also on some other girls photo she get loads of like and you can't even see her face. My bet she gets so many because you can't see her fakeness because she is covering her face, well that would be the only reason why I would like it anyway.

Eveyone loves them but I don't see the point all they do is love themselves to bits and bitch about people 24/7, like seriously what is your problem? They are all super thin, and  mean anorexic thin and wear tops that show off nearly all of there chest. There is no point in you wearing a top love, it would have the same effect. And they all seem to wear tops that show there mid-rif all the time, like seriously cover your self up woman, little kids are about! All there hair seems to be back combed and it looks like a bird has nested in it but everyone seems to love it like seriously, why?

They bitch about people they don't even know, its like what is your problem? They might be the nicest person in the world and you wouldn't know because you are only picking out there floors. Just because they look or sound different. If you stopped listening to your own voice for about 5 minutes and consider who is listen to you that would be no one but yourself, because nobody give a damn about you. Your the one who bitches about a girl that walks past you in the corridor and smiles to you. Seriously you deserve a slap!

If you are one of these people change now it is seriously uncool and if you don't you will realize when you are an old women how stupid you were and that you regret all the years you were a fake girl! Grow up and become the real you.

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