The Death Knight

A story about a death knight who wanted to make a difference...

It's a story written as a World of Warcraft fan fiction.


2. Chapter 1


“For the Alliance!“  Everyone was screaming, preparing for the battle to begin. We were standing right next to the Horde group. I never thought I should be here, next to my own enemy, to fight another enemy. I took the sword up my dad gave me, I read the description slowly and out loud “Use me wisely“.

Slowly I slid my finger over the text. One of my warriors next to me nodded, “ I know you can do this “ he took his bow and prepared an arrow. I was looking right at the port, it was so dark that is must have been made by an evil power.  It was so huge, there must be a lot of space to all his warriors. Over the big doors was a big black skull placed. The horde group was ready “ For the Horde! “ It made me feel like, I had to do this.

It gave me some kind of strange feeling. I was the commander for the Alliance, and I was responsible for what was going to happen. If we failed it would be my entire fault. I looked over to the horde site and saw this woman, and the first thing that came up to my mind was, what is a beautiful woman like her doing here. Her hair was red as blood it self and long as my sword, all her hair was in a tight ponytail. She was wearing a plated amour, it almost looked like silver shinning in the sun. It must have been handmade to fit her like that. She was almost as high as myself, and her legs were perfect. Her body… was just like a goddess. She held up her daggers into the sky, and yelled something I didn’t understood, but all the warriors around her yelled almost the same.

I couldn’t see if she was the leader, but I assumed that a girl like her couldn’t do that. She must have been around 20, so young and innocent. Out of no where I could hear like a metallic sound. Everyone looked around until everybody had located the sound – It was coming from the door.

“ So people!” I yelled to all my people, and everyone who was here, “We are here today to make a difference!” The sound of swords, bows, daggers and every fighting weapon was getting the last friendly touch. “ Let’s do this together!“ The door was open now, and a lot of creatures were running out against us. I’ve never seen anything like those creatures, they were so disgusting! I pointed at the creatures with my sword. The first warriors were already fighting.

This situation made something to me. We have all prepared for this fight for generations, if I failed I knew my people would blame me. I had to fight myself, I couldn’t just watch. I ran besides my warriors and into the fight. My sword slid fast and painfully trough the creatures. Suddenly I felt that one of them was on my back, I tried to get if of my back but I couldn’t. One of the horde members saw me, and I got eye contact. He ran to me and lifted his axe, I though he was going to hit me. He jumped up in the air, and got the creature of my back. I turned around, and picked up my sword again.

As fast as he could, he killed the creature. But the body didn’t stay on the ground, it turned into like some kind of blue smoke. The sound of heavy steps made all the warriors stop. Everyone stopped and looked up and there he was right in the door opening…  

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