This falls into crime. It will be a short story unless you comment requesting more.
Its about street and gang violence in the UK and i aim to spred awareness. The girl in this story is 16 and in a gang but does not like taking part in all the violence, (this story is baced on a true story.) Enjoy...


2. Warehouse

We ran to where we knew it will be safe. The dingy, deralict place we call 'hideout'. Its nothing to look at just smashed windows, graffiti paradice and borded up doors. Its in West of London, down a mud track that is usually swallowed up by the fog.

We crawled through the brocken metal fence and jumped over the barbed wire. Markus put it there to keep out the cops. It worked. We entered the back of the building through a whole big enough to just slide underneath.

It was dark, we didn't take our flash lights because we wern't planning on coming here. You can hear the echoing of our foot steps as we trapes to the front of the building to the gas lamps.  Ash turned the lamps on and took the silver blade out of his pocket and put it in the rack of many sized blades. I sat on the floor with my back against a crate watching what the rest of my group are doing.

'Well that was a waste of time, we didn't even finish him off'

Michel deep voice bellowed around the warehouse as he sat on another crate next to me. His scar down his face seemed to glow under the minimal light, creepy.

'Well it wasn't my falt someone called the sirens, I would of knocked him down so he wouldn't walk the earth again'

I sat well back in my nearly knocking the crate over, acting like it wasn't me, I didn't want to be hurt again. The bruises on my legs still are tender to touch and the slice on my arm still isn't healing. It really shook me up how Ash's mood can change so rapidly. He just turned on my, I better watch myself when I am around him. Never be with him when I am on my own.

The warehouse went silent, we were just watching at thinking what the hell had happened an hour ago. Then we heard foot steps, oh my god it was him. The one none of us wanted to see, the leader of the group. We have let him down again, he wanted that boy here alive or dead. His last words to us were 'Don't come back here until you have got him'




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