This falls into crime. It will be a short story unless you comment requesting more.
Its about street and gang violence in the UK and i aim to spred awareness. The girl in this story is 16 and in a gang but does not like taking part in all the violence, (this story is baced on a true story.) Enjoy...


1. I Do Not Want To Participate!


In a dark ally over looking a bunch of derelict flats, West Londen. It was aproximatly 10:00pm and the night had just began for me and my crew. We followed a boy from our rival gang (Red Rum). I was just following my brothers and friends, i presumed we were just doing it for fun. Then the anger came over everyone in my gang and we forced him into the ally. Something was going to get out of hand tonight.

I stood well back. I'm not getting involved in this pathetic fight over one person slippin'.* Its rediculous. All he was dong was walking home. Michel was the one with all the anger. It seemed to sped across them all like a bush fire. Tey were majorly pissed off, but he didnt do a thing. Then a blade of flashing silver was pulled out fo Ash's pocket. The knife the one he cut me with the other day. His face was red with fury his eyes had a menacing gleam. He knew what he was doing.

Michel gave the signal and the blade sliced down his face as if it was air. Blood, rich crimson blood fell gracefully from the cut and dripped form the tip of his nose. Ash's knife action was then repeated all over the boys body with a vigorous force.

I stepped back futher practicaly blending into the shadows created by the walls. I had to. I took my phone out of my back pocket and diled 999. This had gotten way out of hand. I whispered where i was and what had happened praying my crew didn't hear what i was doing. Withing five minets the sirens came. Then we ran, ran for our freedom. I pray they will never know it was me.


* slippin' is a term used in gangs of when a gang member go around the area on there own, therefore vulnerable to attack.  

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