Prayer from the Black Angels

Sabbath has fallen, and Satan will come to take power over the Heavens. But knowing this, Sabbath leaves the Diamond of the Night. One of the many Diamonds of the Heavens to the Angel, Nakir. But little did she know, she would go down as one of the most famous Angels in history. Along with Munkir, they will become the first Black Angels.


1. The Diamonds

There are  Diamonds that are guarded in the Heavens by all of the Angels. And all those Angels obey their Lord, who sits on the throne in the Heavens, Sabbath. It is known to all Angels that there is a Demon they must never trust, Satan. He controls Hell that sits beneath the Earth, but he wants to control Earth. And he will need all the Diamonds, for he only controls two. Being the Diamonds of Darkness and Sin. Sabbath controls the Diamonds of Light, Purity, Day, Night, Summer, Winter. And two that are never used or touched even by Sabbath himself. The Diamonds of Life and Death. Each day he must tend to the Diamonds, keeping Earth in balance. He only sleeps one every year for two weeks during the Winter. And this is when the Heavens are at their weakest, and Satan knows this...

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