In Love with A Celebrity

Its about being in love with a celebrity and having him, in this case, being you boyfriend. I entered this into a competition :D


1. In Love With A Celebrity

          I opened my eyes, it was only seven o' clock. Why do i always wake up early at weekends? They came to focus on the six by ten poster blue tacked to my ceiling. He was faltless. His glossy wind swept hair lay across his face showing off all his difined facial features. His dark deious eyes revealing his dark side.

         It is still a dream that the boy in my poster is my boy, my boyfriend. His becoming a big hit celebrity over night was a eye-opener to both of us, A year ago he was a typical boy with one whale of a dream, to be a well known singer. Life is hectic. Concerts, photo shoots and inerviews. The exitment just dosen't stop! I am dedicated to him and go with him to every one of his concerts, supporting him from the crowd. I am his number one fan. I am so proud of him and i wouldnt swap him for the world.

       His CD placed on my desk waiting to be played on repeat. His songs seem to send me into a trance,like drifting on a cloud. All of the songs seem to relate to me and him as a couple in one way or another. It seems strange looking around my room at the posters dotted around, the CD's and DVD's in numorus piles on the floor and all the tackiest T-Shirts he world has ever seen. I seem like one of those obsessed fans. 

       But it fills me with a buzz knowing i dont have to wish upon a star to speak or see him, i can just give him a call or somthing. I know he will be there rain or shine. He is more than just a poster stuck to my ceiling.

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