A Friend in Need

When Megan finds out her best friend has died in a car crash, she doesn't know what to think. Ella was so careful crossing roads -so why did she walk in front of a van? An unexpected visitor confirms her suspicions and she tries to bring peace to her lost friend.


2. The Truth

Obviously, her best friend had just died, and that made her distraught. But the more she thought about it the more Megan believed something was wrong, and that made it worse.


She knew Elle like the back of her hand, and there was no way she would ever cross a road with a van coming. She was the kind of person who would never take risks - if there was the slightest chance of getting hit she wouldn't step into the road. Something terrible must have made her do it, something life threatening. Maybe she was distracted, but if she was it wouldn't be because of something trivial like a text message. There was definitely something wrong.


Megan tried to explain it to people, but nobody wanted to know. One teacher actually told her to "get a grip and move on,". Like it was that easy. They all thought grief had driven her insane, that it was making her think of ridiculous stories. That she just needed time to get over it.


She approached Elle's mother about it once. That was a bad idea. She just broke down crying, and Megan was told to never talk to the family again. If they wouldn't listen, who would? If even they couldn't see something was wrong?


She soon accepted the fact that no one was going to listen. That Elle was forever going to be known as The Girl Who Walked In Front Of The Van. That stupid girl. She should've looked where she was going. She should've been more careful.

But Megan vowed to do all in her power to find the truth. Her friend needed her to.

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