A Friend in Need

When Megan finds out her best friend has died in a car crash, she doesn't know what to think. Ella was so careful crossing roads -so why did she walk in front of a van? An unexpected visitor confirms her suspicions and she tries to bring peace to her lost friend.


4. The Murder

She should have been scared. Or at least confused. She should have thought she was going mad or that it was just a trick of the grief. But Megan just smiled back at her dead friend.


"Hey," she whispered, not truly believing what she was seeing.

"Hello," Elle, the ghost, replied with a grin.

"Um... Why are you..." Megan stuttered.

"Alive?" Elle laughed, "I'm not. But I can't move on until you help me, I can't rest," It was met with a puzzled look. Megan clearly didn't understand. "Something happened that day. I didn't just get run over. I think you know that,"

Megan nodded. "So I need to bring justice to your soul before it can move on? I need to find out what happened and put it right?"

"Something like that. I could just tell you what happened though,"


And so Elle explained what happened the day she died.

She had just got in from school to an empty house. She collapsed into the sofa, dropping her bags in a heap and sighing - it'd had been one of those days, and she was stressed out. She sat there, thinking, for ten minutes before dragging herself up to get some chocolate from the cupboard.


On seeing an empty cupboard she pulled her coat back on and set out for the corner shop. Their prices were extortionate, but when Elle needed chocolate, she had to get some. She opened the front door, walked through it and locked it. She walked down the road. She was grabbed from behind.


She tried to turn to see who her captor was, but she was held too tight. When she tried to scream for help he covered her mouth. She was dragged towards a van, kicking and trying to break free. The man tried pushing her into it, but to do this he had to loosen his grip. Seizing the opportunity, she ran as fast as she could.


She couldn't go back home. They'd probably seen her leave it, and anyway, she didn't want to be alone. She headed towards Megan's, running without stopping.

She ran across a road. She saw the van spin around the corner, coming straight towards her.


It hit her. And Elle was dead. 

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