A Friend in Need

When Megan finds out her best friend has died in a car crash, she doesn't know what to think. Ella was so careful crossing roads -so why did she walk in front of a van? An unexpected visitor confirms her suspicions and she tries to bring peace to her lost friend.


5. The Justice

As soon as Elle had finished her story, she faded away. Megan was left, once again, alone.


She began to cry like she had before the visit - but this time it wasn't just grief. She believed that what she had just seen was Elle's spirit, and that what she had been told was the truth. She just didn't know what to do next.


Nobody believed her when it was just a hunch, and they definitely wouldn't now. "Hey, I saw my dead best friend's ghost the other day, and she said she was murdered. Please do something about this,". That would not go down well with the police. She had to think! How could she help Elle?

And then she remembered something.


If Elle was attacked by the corner shop, the CCTV might've caught it. It'd make sense for no one to have seen it yet because the cameras were only checked when they needed to be. If, by some miracle, the cameras saw what had happened the men could be charged, and she would have justice. Elle could move on, and Megan will be able to do one last thing for her best friend.


Megan ran to the police station, praying that they would listen to her. She didn't mention seeing Elle, but she explained that she felt something else had happened. The officer she spoke to was understanding and explained they thought so too - something to do with the impact of the van. Megan suggested looking at the corner shop's CCTV, and they did.

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